Thursday, September 7, 2017

our wedding // beach day

we finally received our wedding photos over the weekend! I am so excited to share the details of our big day on the blog soon. since our wedding was in florida, we had several days of activities planned leading up to the big day - including beach day!

since we had many friends from far away travel in for our wedding, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to catch up with everyone or have enough quality time with the friends I rarely get to see. we decided to have a beach day a few days before the wedding to make sure we had extra time to spend with our far away friends.

pumping up all our floats and getting them down to the beach was a bit of effort but worth it in the end! if you are looking to invest in a new float for the final days of summer, I highly recommend the pretzel since it has three spots within the float for people to hang in versus your traditional donut or swan. do I sound ridiculous yet?

I ordered the floats on amazon and I also ordered a bulk shipment of kettle chips mini bags - it's amazing what you can buy on amazon these days. we also bought catering-sized sandwiches and pinwheels from publix and a bunch of eskimo pies to throw in the cooler. those ended up melting and being really fun later in the afternoon haha!

my college sorority friends are pictured below, I love that we're all wearing hats and practicing that safe sun! I'm so glad we had a beach day and even though all these pictures were taken on my iPhone - they are photos that will be put in the wedding album and cherished forever. just think about what our future children will say about these floats in twenty years! HA


  1. Aw! What fun memories! I think most weddings get so busy and you don't really have a lot of time just to hang out with your friends and family-so it's awesome to throw together something like this!

  2. Those floaties, Lauren. TOO CUTE AND FUN. Feeling some jealousy over here. I love that you recommended the pretzel because it had three holes, haha. Seems valid!