Friday, August 11, 2017

hawaiian honeymoon: top 5 hawaiian eats and drinks

if you've been following along with my hawaiian honeymoon posts, you know that we definitely explored and were adventurous! what I haven't talked about yet is the food! the food was so good in hawaii, I ate poke non-stop even though I almost never eat it at home. I had poke nachos, poke lox bagel, poke stack.... yum.

I was also on the search for malasadas and had a really hard time finding them - until we found a roadside food truck on the big island. just look at this warm sugary deliciousness below. my best advice - when in hawaii, if offered a flavor choice {such as juice, jelly, malasada filling, etc} make sure to go with anything island-flavored such as lilikoi, guava, and POG {passion fruit, orange, guava}.

1. hawaiian shave ice - get the smaller size, just trust me.

2. hawaiian coffee - kauai and kona are both outstanding, be sure to take a plantation tour while you're there.

3. sip on a mai tai or a lilikoi margarita 

4. duke's hula pie... this pie has it's own plate and spoon with hula pie embossed on it, so you know it's both good and touristy. we ordered a slice of hula pie at duke's and ended up meeting another honeymoon-ing couple over it. stephen offered our huge piece of pie to the couple at the bar next to us and it turned out that they were on our flight to the big island and staying at the same resort as us! we even had dinner together and went to mauna kea together to stargaze. 

5. malasadas... look for them in food trucks, hot and made-to-order with your choice of fillings!

6. poke everything - this is a lox poke bagel and there are no words to explain how good it was.

have you ever been to hawaii, what was your favorite food? is there a food that you love that you can only get while traveling?


  1. Whoa their foods look so pretty! And man they gave you A LOT of shaved ice, hahaha. Loved reading this post.

  2. Last year we went to Maui for the first time. After the 11 hours of flying we finally made it to the hotel and went to the bar for a drink. I ordered a Mai Tai and was out cold by 7pm. (1am for me). A beautiful place and we are going back next spring so I'll have try some of these native treats that I missed last time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I totally agree with all the foods that you listed, and I'm sad that I didn't get to try malasadas while we were there. I swear I drank a mai tai everyday while we were in Hawaii, they're just too good to pass up!