Monday, August 21, 2017

hawaiian honeymoon: top 10 things to do on the big island

if you read often, you know that I've been writing frequently about our hawaiian honeymoon adventures over the past two months. our trip to hawaii was truly amazing and even though I posted a lot about our trip, we experienced even more that I didn't post about, including amazing wildlife such as seals and sea turtles up close in the wild. the aloha spirit is alive and well and revolves strongly around nature, which is why hawaii is so special to me.

if you are planning a trip to kauai, check out my top 5 things to do in kauai. and if you are planning a trip to the big island, you are in the right place! these recommendations are in no order - we experienced all of these firsthand and I've blogged about many of them so you can refer over to the post for more detail.

this was probably the best thing we did on our trip to hawaii... words can't really describe the experience. be sure to book this early in your trip since sometimes the companies cancel due to tides or weather. if you book early, you'll have to likelihood to be able to reschedule.

2. take a day trip to hawai'i volcanoes national park
this national park exceeded our expectations!

we loved checking out the volcano both on land and in the air. dress a little warmer for the helicopter ride since the air can be chilly.

4. visit volcano village
basically I love the name of this town... they have a winery and a really cool fireplace of friendship.

5. check out a black sand beach
worth the hike!

6. go stargazing at mauna kea
admittedly, I don't have the skills for stargazing photography... but how gorgeous is this photo I borrowed? it was COLD up on mauna kea and really a unique experience. be sure to check their calendar to see when their telescopes are available - rookie mistake, we missed the telescopes by a day.

{photo via}

7. find malasadas and other yummy hawaiian foods
be sure to load up on island-style food such as poke and asian-influenced choices

8. visit a kona coffee plantation
we did a coffee plantation tour in kauai and it was awesome! I recommend visiting on both islands if possible.

9. enjoy a golf day or a spa day
I definitely posted about the spa at the fairmont, it was the best spa I've ever been to and I highly recommend taking a day golf/spa day on the big island. the mauna lani course is very well-rated and is close to the spa, you're welcome.

10. do some shopping at the local abc store
ok, this one sounds weird but just trust me. don't you hate when people say that? I actually like when people say that haha! you know I love buying souvenirs, but other than multiple bottles of wine from the volcano winery - we didn't buy too much on our trip. the local abc store [a glorified grocery story] really came in handy for us - we loaded up on chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, lilikoi jelly, kauai cookies, hawaiian locally-made soap, and even wood products like a pineapple shaped bowl.

have you been to the big island? what's your favorite thing to do?


  1. All of your posts about the Big Island have made me want to plan another Hawaiian vacation soon! I know that Chris and I would love to visit Volcanoes National Park!

  2. This seems gorgeous. I love all your adventure recommendations, beaches, parks and volcanoes... what a diverse landscape.

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