Friday, August 4, 2017

atlanta home tour: master bedroom reveal

I'm so happy to share our master bedroom reveal today! when we moved into our house a year ago, we needed basically all new everything for our kitchen and living room. we purchased everything new and were super happy with how it all turned out, not to mention - we didn't even have to paint the main level since it is a beautiful cafe au lait color. our master bedroom was a different story. we bought two new night stands and the rest of the furniture was stuff that I'd had since post-grad days. to say I was ready for a refresh would be an understatement!

since we spent so much time and money focused on the living room, kitchen, and guest room - we were a bit tapped out to consider focusing on the master when we moved in. then of course, the wedding came and that consumed a lot of our free time. since being back from the honeymoon, my first priority was our master bedroom. 

we started with a fresh coat of paint - evening shadow by sherwin williams. my mom made us all of our curtains and bedding pillows when we moved in and I finally feel like we are doing her work justice with the right coat of paint to coordinate with the fabrics. our cafe au lait walls were just not doing it for me with the gray fabric palette.

we also bought a new bed over the fourth of july holiday since it was a total steal. buying a headboard over the computer is a bit nerve-wracking since you can't see the fabric colors in person. I went with charcoal so that it would create more of a contrast against our lighter walls. the charcoal is quite dark but it's growing on me. 

my mom also gifted me these chinoiserie lamps for my birthday last year, I just love them.

I love buying myself little mementos while traveling - anyone else do that? I found these matches at the cutest shop, the paris market, during our trip to savannah. while I really wanted to buy something at the shop, I didn't see anything I just had to have so I settled on these sweet matches to remind me of our trip.

the lighting was challenging for this shot, but you can see the curtains that my mom made. they are very detailed up close, with different shades of blue.

I still need some mirrors to go above the nightstands but I'm not trying to do it all in one day, or in one credit card statement either ;) patience is always something I can work on.

when I think about how my bedrooms have evolved over the years, I realize that I have ALWAYS had gray in my color scheme. gray and purple, gray and yellow, and now gray and blue... it's kind of weird since I never realized I was incorporating gray in my bedroom every single time. gray is such a soothing color to me, I really love it for a master retreat. what color is your bedroom? is there a color that you always rely on to create a soothing bedroom vibe?


  1. Beautiful! I really love the bedding. That color combo looks great!

  2. I just love how all of this is coming together! Our bedroom is heavily gray (since this was my husband's home before we got married!) and so I'm starting to slowly work some lighter colors like whites and blues into the color if only I could get him on board with updating our furniture in there!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    1. it's definitely an act of persuasion sometimes :)

  3. It turned out so well! Love the pillows your mom made you and all the blue and white accents!!

  4. Gorgeous pillows! I find gray to be soothing as well. Can't wait to see the other rooms when you're done with them.

    Simply Lovebirds