Friday, July 21, 2017

top 10 things you must do in savannah

y'all, I have always wanted to go to two southern cities: charleston and savannah. last year, my dream came true with our girl's trip to charleston and this year, my dream came true with my 30th birthday trip to savannah. stephen surprised me with the idea and I spent the five-hour drive down from atlanta researching what to do in this gorgeous southern city.

ok this is a long post, but bear with me. if you've come here looking for savannah recommendations - you are in the right spot!

1. take a savannah walking food tour
even though this sounds incredibly touristy, and it kind of is, this was the best thing we did on our trip! not only did we walk two miles, learn about savannah history, but we also got to eat and drink our way through savannah. there's no open container law in savannah so you can grab drinks as you go and bring them with you. check out the savannah taste experience.

sample the south's favorite dish: shrimp and grits. not the best I've ever had but definitely a good glimpse into southern food culture.

don't worry if you have dietary issues or preferences, I got veggie tacos in lieu of....

... this crazy bbq donut slider combination. stephen loved it! the ordinary pub is a great place to check out for delicious and reasonably priced food and drinks.

mabel's cupcakes didn't disappoint.

2. stroll down river street
you must stop at river street sweets, trust me, the smells alone will draw you in off the street! try the free samples and be sure to grab a praline or two. ps. river street sweets make perfect holiday gifts and they ship anywhere!

do be careful of the "historic steps" to get down to river street. grab the handrail, especially if you'd had some cocktails.

3. check out city market
this open-air market has lots of shops and live music every weekend. sample tons of mini cookies from byrd's cookie bar, we decided on the key lime cookies and the salted caramel.

4. shop savannah bee company and sample mead
our last stop of the walking food tour was savannah bee company. if it weren't for this food tour, we probably wouldn't have gone to savannah bee company. I have to say it was one of the highlights of our trip so make sure you go (the broughton location, not river street location). we sampled some honey [tupelo is my favorite], tried some honey bath products, and tasted mead. mead is the original alcohol from way back when, made from fermented honey. we also bought some sweet gifts here too.

5. visit forsyth park
this is savannah's central park, an easy walk from the mercer house.

6. sip some artillery punch
savannahians love to day drink so join the club. artillery punch is something like whiskey, gin, cranberry, orange, and is pure yumminess. drinks are served in plastic cups so you can take them to go! check out tondee's tavern.

7. tour the mercer williams house, then read the book, and watch the movie: midnight in the garden of good and evil
this was also one of my favorite things about our trip. I didn't learn about the house/book/movie combo until the day before we left for our trip - but I'm actually happy that I toured the house and the city before reading the book. to set your expectations though, the house tour wasn't the best I've been on - it's only 30 minutes and you can't take photographs anywhere on the property. they also don't talk about the events in the book at all {which almost makes it more creepy}. coincidentally, it's been 20 years since the book was released - here's a midnight in the garden of good and evil itinerary from the state of georgia so be sure to check out all the stops!

8. brunch at collins quarter with a lavender mocha
this is one thing that I read about beforehand, the lavender mocha at collins quarter. I ordered it iced and the girl next to me ordered it hot - either way, you can't go wrong but the hot version is more instagram-worthy. I also had the avocado toast but encourage you to branch out!

9. grab drinks at rocks on the roof
this was one of stephen's favorite things from our trip and was recommended to us by our walking tour guide. the bohemian hotel is gorgeous in itself, plan to grab a few drinks on their rooftop bar overlooking the river with live music. people watch, river watch, relax and enjoy! this also has to be the unofficial savannah bachelorette stop because we saw at least 5 different groups here. it's right on river street so super easy to check out, their cocktails were delicious too.

10. take a ghost tour in a hearse (!!)
unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to take a ghost tour but I would highly recommend it! because seriously, when and where else are you going to have this opportunity?

have you been to savannah before? if so, what was your favorite part? if you're planning a trip to savannah, I would recommend the spring or fall because late july was toasty. what's your favorite southern city? I'm always looking to plan the next trip!


  1. Ah this is making me want to hop on a plane right now to Savannah! It just looks so beautiful and perfectly Southern! We love doing food tours when we're visiting new cities, and the one that y'all chose sounds like so much fun, and even better that you got to try so much food!

    1. I really liked that it was a walking food tour too, made me feel like I earned all the goodies I ate ;)

  2. My husband and I honeymoon'd in Savannah and loved every minute of it! I highly recommend the ghost tour (but the walking one was the one we took-and loved it!) I would also add a visit to the Savannah Museum (it has the Forrest Gump bench there) and a meal at the Olde Pink House-the fried chicken and the atmosphere are both to die for!

    xoxo, SS

    1. how fun! we had dinner at the olde pink house, it is so gorgeous! definitely a must-see.

  3. What a gorgeous city! The food looks great too! This is probably *the* place I want to visit, if I ever go down south.