Monday, July 17, 2017

thirty before thirty update

welp, the day has come and I am definitely thirty. I initially wrote my thirty before thirty list six months ago and I'm back with an update since the inevitable has happened. stephen and I celebrated the big day in savannah, a southern city that I have always wanted to visit!

1. travel to asia read about it here
2. travel to australia read about it here
3. travel to europe read about it here
4. travel to south america read about it here
5. travel to south africa NOT DONE, helloooo forty before forty
6. buy a house you can see house love here
7. have the amount of my annual salary in liquid savings STILL WORKING ON THIS
7. travel to charleston, south carolina read about it here
8. travel to seattle MAYBE NEXT YEAR
9. eat a veggie-based diet and cook tofu at least once I'm so happy to cross this one off, tofu recipe here
10. complete a home improvement project (hello, laundry room!) HMMM DOES IT COUNT IF YOU PAY SOMEONE? I THINK YES, SO CROSSING THIS OFF. blog post coming soon on painting our master bedroom!
11. earn my MBA
12. find my soulmate, marry him and relish every moment of the planning CHECK MATE
13. attend a blogger conference CROSSING THIS OFF IN ONE WEEK, eeek I'm nervous!
14. travel to greece I'M NOT SURE THIS WILL EVER HAPPEN
15. travel to iceland ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TRIP 2018
16. travel to new zealand HMMMM not yet, but possibly soon :)
17. ride a camel in dubai
18. start a blog
19. start a business DEBATABLE
20. grow my own vegetables UGH.
22. travel to the amalfi coast 2020?
23. serve on a philanthropic board and find a new local charitable organization to volunteer with (haven't found one since moving in june '16) YES! very excited to say I'm joining a new organization, more to come on this!
24. publish a photography book AMBITIOUS
25. find a job I love CHECK!
26. refinish our bedroom armoire COMING THIS FALL!
27. own a full set of china for entertaining and use it regularly YAY WEDDING CHINA!
28. buy a king bed MEHH. may take this one off
29. learn to sew with my mom STILL NEED TO DO THIS
30. travel to cuba with my mom read about it here
31. find a daily workout plan that I love CYCLEBAR is my jam!
32. organize our home office and make a functional work space for myself BAHAHAHA.
33. become a certified instructional designer THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN BUT SOMETHING ELSE DID so I'm good with it
34. attend a conference about learning management systems and become more of an expert on the technical side I NEED to do this
35. drive on a race track (I definitely won't accomplish this - but it would be badass) ZOOM ZOOM
36. go on a cruise NOT YET maybe not ever

did you have a thirty before thirty or a forty before forty? 


  1. Looks like you've crossed a lot off the list. Such a fun and creative idea!

  2. You've done so much! I love that many of them are travel related! Iceland is at the very top of my travel list, so I can't wait to see you post about that when you go!

    1. stephen wanted to go to iceland for the honeymoon, but I said it was too cold! haha!

  3. It sounds like you've really been able to check a lot off your list, and still have a few things that you'll check off soon! And I'm so envious of your trip to Savannah! I can't wait to hear all about it!

    1. savannah was gorgeous, but it was a hot weekend for sure!

  4. Happy belated birthday!! And CONGRATS you have accomplished so much!!! Great list! I will probably steal some of your ideas, hehe. Depending on where you live, kayaking might be one of the easier things to cross of on your list! Unless you are waiting for like the most gorgeous place, then I would recommend Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park! You could cross off two things on your bucket list (seeing Seattle and kayaking!) That's where I kayaked for my first time in the most bluest glacial water I've ever seen!

    1. ok, wow, now I only want to go kayaking at lake crescent. I love this idea, crossing it off with seattle. thank you!