Friday, July 7, 2017

hawaiian honeymoon: spa without walls

I am not always drawn to hotel spas, but you really can't visit the fairmont orchid on the big island without noticing the lush and all-encompassing spa without walls. I have never seen anything like it, basically the best marketing ploy ever. the grounds of the fairmont orchid are covered in gardens and waterfalls, and on second look, you realize they are all a part of the spa without walls. beautiful island-style huts line the ocean and the waterfalls to accomodate outdoor massage services. 

when we checked into our waterfront room on our first day at the fairmont, I immediately noticed the six oceanfront huts lining the shore. stephen and I already had lots of plans made for our time on the big island and I wasn't sure if we could fit a massage in. however, as soon as stephen realized we were staying at the number one rated golf resort on hawaii, he found time to play a round of golf at mauna lani and just like that, I found time for an oceanfront massage at the spa without walls. I love golf.

when I checked into the spa inside of the hotel, it seemed pretty standard. change into a robe and slippers and enjoy a fruit-flavored water. then I found the waiting room....

after changing into my robe inside, I was escorted to wait for my masseuse outside in the private gardens. best spa "waiting room" ever, it was so quiet and peaceful. it was as if you were not even at the hotel anymore, but in a lush tropical garden in the middle of isolation. I laid in a chair and watched a green lizard climb bamboo above me with no cares in the world.

when it was time to make the trek toward my beachfront hut, I didn't want to leave. I didn't love the fact that you have to walk out of the garden into the "real world" of the hotel grounds in order to get to the beach, but it wasn't that big of a deal.

once we got to the beachfront huts, I sat in a chair and picked out my essential oil fragrance choice from three hawaiian scents. meanwhile, the masseuse drew the shades in the hut to provide privacy.

I wish I could bottle the experience and bring it home or share it with you - it was pure perfection. the cool breeze, the sound of the ocean... and just like that, fifty minutes went by way too fast.

do you usually visit the spa on vacation? have you ever had an oceanfront massage before? anyone else want to book a spa appointment asap...?


  1. That sounds so incredible! It's been forever since I've gotten a massage, but I don't think that one at home could beat the one that you had in Hawaii!

    1. The whole time I was thinking that there would be no way to top this!

  2. OH my gosh. Sign me up!! I think that a spa treatment is the perfect icing on the cake of a vacation.

  3. What a beautiful place! Seriously the definition of paradise. Usually I would never get massages, but I mean, when in Hawaii and on a honeymoon... ;)