Friday, June 9, 2017

hawaiian honeymoon: waimea canyon

when we booked our trip to kauai, I knew we had to check out waimea canyon. it's considered the grand canyon of hawaii and it is definitely breathtaking. on our second day in kauai, we hopped in our car, crossed our fingers for the weather, put the convertible top down and made the hour drive up to the canyon. it was a beautiful, relaxing drive up the coast with many scenic points to stop along. 

the island of kauai gets so much rain, in fact it rained every day we were there. while there was a huge rain cloud overhead at waimea and we did get a few drops, we were pretty lucky to enjoy this natural wonder of kauai without torrential downpour and with a clear view.

we loved our convertible GT mustang so much that I was googling used models in atlanta to see what exactly it would take for us to get one! turns out they cost a bit more than I expected :)


we stopped along one of the scenic points for a photo op, even though it doesn't look like I'm smiling here - I was!

when we finally made it to the top of the canyon, parking was a bit crazy. there were no parking spots available, we just waited a bit for someone to pull out and grabbed it. we didn't really know where to go to see the canyon, so we picked a cliff and walked the short walk to the top - and BAM. this gorgeous panorama literally hit us in the face at the top. it was truly beautiful, especially with this sweet waterfall to the left in the photo.


stephen and I were laughing because there seemed to be a lot of brave tourists, taking pictures on the outward most little cliff hanging over the edge of the canyon. we agreed that we did not come to waimea to die so we took a nice photo on a safe spot, no where near the edge. 

we said aloha to the canyon and hit the road back down to the town of waimea. there was a shaved ice joint that I had my eye on when we passed through the town on the way up.

we parked on the street right in front of jojo's shave ice and my anticipation was literally killing me. I couldn't wait to get a hawaiian shave ice!

I was blown away with the island-style flavor choices, we ordered a tropical breeze - which is guava, passion fruit, and mango - topped with coconut cream, all on top of a huge ball of macadamia nut ice cream. gosh, it was good. 

after attempting to finish our snow cone, we walked around the quaint town of waimea - which consists of a few souvenir shops, a small market, and lots of flowers.

waimea canyon is definitely a must-see when traveling to kauai, and I definitely recommend making a pit stop at jojo's in waimea as well! have you ever had hawaiian shave ice before? I am already missing the delicious island flavors guava, passion fruit, and mango....


  1. It looks like y'all had an AMAZING time! Hawaii is beautiful!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

  2. LOVING your trip recap!! I didn't have the best time in Hawaii and this is making me want a do-over!!! And a new car! ;)

  3. Oh I LOVED reading this recap and seeing all of these gorgeous pics! I am dying to get to Hawaii at some point, but at this point think it'll be when our girls are a little older. So glad you guys had such a great time!

  4. Oh, my heavens! Waimea Canyon is absolutely stunning! I can only imagine what it looks like in person, for I'm sure that photos do not do it justice. And that Hawaiian Shaved Ice - GEEZ! It's enormous! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your recap. I *hope* to go to Hawaii next year to celebrate my 15 year anniversary. This has made the wanderlust even stronger!

    Congrats on your marriage!