Friday, June 23, 2017

hawaiian honeymoon: top 5 things to do in kauai

kauai is nicknamed "the garden isle" thanks to the tropical rainforest covering much of its surface, and it's the fourth largest island in hawaii. the dramatic cliffs and pinnacles of its na pali coast have served as a backdrop for major movies, while waimea canyon is a major hiking destination. we really enjoyed our time in kauai and this post is a great summary on the top 5 things to do if you find yourself in kauai. it's a relatively small island and we accomplished all these activities in less than three days!

I have to preface that these five things are in no particular order, especially since everyone has a differing level of adventure. 

this was hands-down the most adventurous, read: dangerous, activity that we did. it was insane, but also insanely beautiful. check out our tour guide's website here, na pali experience. if you're on pinterest looking at picturesque open ceiling caves in hawaii, this is where you find them! you can only see these caves by air or boat so choose carefully and bring your motion sickness meds.

the grand canyon of hawaii is definitely beautiful and provides lots of hiking opportunities! read my post on waimea canyon here. I recommend making a day trip: waimea canyon, hawaiian shave ice stop at jojo's, kauai coffee tour, and finish it with a quick stop at spouting horn.

 3. hawaiian shave ice
we picked the tropical breeze flavor: guava, lilikoi, and mango. the base of this masterpiece is macadamia nut ice and all this deliciousness is topped off with haupia cream. lilikoi is passion fruit and haupia is coconut. sooo just let that all sink in, it was actually too good to finish. pro tip: get the smaller size.

everyone knows that kona on the big island is famous for coffee, but did you know that kauai has its own type of coffee that is equally delicious?! we had it at breakfast every morning, so when we drove past the plantation, I knew we had to stop! a great place for souvenirs and gifts.

5. spouting horn
this is a short drive from the main road in poipu, easy to get to and easy to check out! a must-see for sure. there are also a few shopping spots here for souvenirs.

have you been to kauai before? what are your favorite activities on the garden island?


  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your time on Kauai! One of the things that we really wanted to do but when we went to book everything was sold out was the sea caves! I guess that means we need another trip back!

  2. Wow! My aunt and uncle just moved to Hawaii and they are begging us to come and visit. I'm truly tempted now! If only the plane ticket wasn't so expensive. Your pictures are gorgeous!