Monday, June 5, 2017

hawaiian honeymoon: na pali sea caves excursion

I'm back from a three-week wedding and honeymoon hiatus in florida, kauai, and the big island! even though it was three whole weeks, it went by so quickly. finally after days and days of photo editing, I have so much to share with you. we spent three nights in kauai and five nights on the big island, we felt it was absolutely the most perfect amount of time.

I'm kicking off my hawaiian honeymoon series with our craziest adventure of the whole trip, which we happened to book on our very first day of the honeymoon. let me just say that our tour guide was great; however, I do not think that the experience resembled anything like the picture on their website. I expected a beautiful day frolicking in and out of sea caves with the sun warming our shoulders, taking a dip in the ocean, etc... HA. it was the exact opposite of this vision - torrential downpour, the worst waves I've ever experienced on a boat before, and no way in hell was I getting out to snorkel. with all this craziness, I'm still glad we did it since I'm not sure when else I would have the opportunity to go into sea caves, especially these famous na pali caves which can only be seen by helicopter or boat.

I knew the excursion was rain or shine, but I guess something should have clicked when we were required to sign a waiver like five different times before our tour. I am so glad I had my dramamine and sea bands. even with them on, I wasn't feeling so great toward the end of the trip.

all these brown streaks are where water used to naturally flow. the water at the top is so clean, you could drink it even though the soil makes it look rusty.

many major motion pictures were filmed on the na pali coast, including king kong, jurassic park, pirates of the caribbean, and more. the weather wouldn't cooperate for five hours for us, so I can't imagine what a filming schedule would look like. I'm guessing a lot of rain delays.

even though the weather was quite nasty, it did make for some beautiful views of the clouds over the mountains. stephen and I were dressed for summer, I had a cotton romper on - we thought we would get off the boat and go to dinner afterward. needless to say, we were freezing to the core, drenched in water, and made a beeline to the hot tub as soon as we got back to koa kea (our amazing resort you must check out if going to kauai).

we did get a chance to see a lot of sea turtles in the water. they have to come up for air every five seconds so we were able to see their heads quickly. such beautiful creatures.

when we finally made it to the caves, our tour guide was very unsure of whether we should go in. the waves were crashing so hard and the width of our boat was only a few feet narrower than the opening of the cave. eventually, he decided we were all up for it and gunned it into the cave. 

the center of the cave is a little island of rock, which was the original ceiling that fell in. we did one loop around the water and got the heck out!

I was holding on for dear life and couldn't get many good photos once we gunned it into the cave. I was honestly terrified of falling out of this boat, so configuring my camera settings was not exactly my highest priority. I definitely couldn't capture the beauty of the open ceiling cave, also known as the bright eye - but you can see a nice photo below of where we were, likely taken on a calm and sunny day by someone who wasn't fearing for their life. that being said, if you do get the opportunity to take this tour - definitely do it! but bring a rain jacket :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, congrats on getting married! I am sorry to hear about the weather, it looks really scary, but I hope you still enjoyed the time together in a new place! I love sea turtles!

    Simply Lovebirds