Monday, June 19, 2017

hawaiian honeymoon: kauai coffee company

when planning our kauai trip, we definitely didn't have a coffee plantation listed as a must-do activity - we knew we had to do that in kona on the big island due to its reputation for world renowned coffee. it all started at our daily breakfast at koa kea resort, we really liked the coffee and our waitress informed us that it was in fact, kauai coffee not kona coffee. later that day, we happened to drive by the kauai coffee company plantation and made a mental note to fit it into our schedule if possible.

kauai coffee company ended up being the cutest little stop and it even includes a self-guided walking tour! I was all about the self-guided tour, I hate waiting around for the designated tour time to start and then being forced to spend an hour touring an attraction that you really only wanted to spend half that time learning about. anyway, kauai coffee company has got it figured out.

you can grab a coffee sample of your choice before embarking on your own walking tour throughout the estate. it took us about 20 minutes to complete the tour and I really enjoyed just walking around the grounds.

I kind of love tours like this and I've been to a lot of different types of manufacturing tours over the years, from alcohol to automobiles. I love the behind-the-scenes aspect and I was especially surprised to see coffee beans looking like this! they actually resembled premature grapes.

after finishing our tour, we meandered over to the tasting area to sample. I usually drink flavored coffee at home so I sampled the macadamia nut and fell in love. 

we definitely grabbed a few bags as gifts, not only was the coffee delicious, but the packaging is really cute too. if you are in kauai, I wholeheartedly recommend a stop at kauai coffee company. 

have you toured a coffee plantation before or been to any other type of tour like this? if you're jonesing for a cup of kauai coffee, you can scoop up some on amazon.

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  1. So I never would have thought to do a coffee tour during our time on Hawaii, but talk about a fun way to explore what the island has to offer! I love that the tour was self-guided too!

    1. I loved it more than the Kona plantations, I was surprised!

  2. As a self-proclaimed coffee snob, this would totally be right up my alley! One of our dear friends visited Hawaii last summer and brought us a bag of beans from this place and it was SO good-I was so sad to see it go!

    xoxo, SS