Monday, May 8, 2017

styling our casual wedding china

one of the things I was most looking forward to receiving on our wedding registry was new casual china. I have been using the same dishes since I graduated college, which you know, wasn't exactly yesterday. they have totally held up over the years, and I'm actually giving them to my little sister who's in college. I have so been looking forward to new plates, glasses, and flatware. 

we ended up picking 'french perle' by lenox because I have a girlfriend who has the full set and was raving about how well they have worn, versus other patterns that she's had in the past. I also love the creamy white of these dishes compared to stark white plates.

I chose drinking glasses from crate and barrel, which also have a dotted pattern that complements the china pattern.

I'm really loving this huge footed centerpiece bowl because it's like a catch-all for fruits and vegetables. no more hiding them in the pantry and forgetting to eat them! the bright colors of the veggies are nice too.

how long do you normally keep your dishes? did you register for new dishes on your wedding registry? we also registered for formal china and I can't wait to use those pieces as well.

rhett napkins, pottery barn
josie highball glasses, crate and barrel


  1. Beautiful tablescape!
    We registered for China, but quickly took it off the list once we realized we preferred some other gifts. We never ended up buying any, but I haven't missed it! I feel like id be so worried about it chipping or a guest dropping a plate.

    1. I hear you! And you don't want to be an uptight hostess, durable dishes are good!

  2. I love the everyday ware that you chose! They're so pretty and simple, and that's awesome that they last a long time too! One of my favorite things after we got married was getting to finally use all of our new things!

    1. We have started using most of it basically because I have no chill, but I look forward to using some of the more specialty cookware after the wedding!

  3. I love your new china! It goes perfectly with your wood table too. Absolutely gorgeous! I bet your sister appreciates you lending her all your old dishes!

    Simply Lovebirds

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