Friday, March 17, 2017

mixed china easter tablescape

I love using my mix and match vintage china that my mom gave me for my birthday, inspired by our trip to cuba. whether it's casual burgers or easter lunch, using this china makes me very happy. 

last year, I bought these adorable nests and blue speckled eggs to set out for spring. let's just say the eggs became my cat's favorite plaything and I never found them all again after she continuously batted them out of the nests and on to the floor. then they became cat-sized soccer balls. so when I went to super glue the eggs to the nests this year, I couldn't find enough of the eggs to make it work. I wised up this time and bought nests with the eggs already glued in. lauren 1, cat 0. for now, at least...

I love going to the fresh market for flowers. it was so hard to choose, I really wanted the daffodils but I couldn't pass up these massive hydrangea blooms and pretty pink tulips.

I initially put the flowers in two separate vases, but after taking all these photos, I put them into one large vase and liked it better. the tulips are so haphazard looking with the symmetric hydrangeas and it makes for a really full arrangement.

do you guys have easter plans yet? I can't believe we are already half-way through the month of march. this year is flying by... which also means my wedding is right around the corner. happy spring and thanks for stopping by!