Monday, February 27, 2017

wedding invitation tips and tricks

I am really excited about this post because I have scoured the depths of the internet every step of the way in wedding planning, and have put everything I learned about invitations all in one place - this post! I love paper goods and invitations so I spent a lot of time picking them out and assembling them throughout the planning process, hopefully these tips and tricks will help you too.

invisible ink RSVP card numbering
sometimes people forget, or don't know, to put their full names and guest's name on the RSVP card. this is especially troubling if they don't put a return address on the envelope (or the envelope gets discarded) and they are family members. mr. and mrs. smith could be any one of your relatives with the same family last name. problem solved: before mailing your invitations, make sure you have a google docs spreadsheet with each guest numbered. on the back of each RSVP card, use an invisible ink marker to write the corresponding number. hopefully you won't have any issues with RSVP names, but if you do, you are completely set since you know exactly who the return card belongs to! also... I've decided it's impossible to photograph invisible ink, but you can see below where I put the little numbers on the back and how the blacklight in the pen works. buy the pen here on amazon.

hand canceling at the post office
everyone knows the USPS is not my favorite topic, but that is a story for another day. you've spent so much time and effort on your wedding invitations - so why would you let the USPS run them through their automated canceling machine, potentially ripping your invites up and placing huge ink marks all over the envelope? do yourself a favor and bring your invitations to the USPS and ask them about hand canceling. my USPS let me do it myself, which is preferable. I've heard of some postal offices charging for this service, but I would suggest doing it yourself if possible.

excuse the iphone pictures - top picture shows you what the hand cancel stamp looks like. bottom picture shows you what the envelope looks like when you're done canceling the postage. basically you have to stamp each stamp (haha!) so that it can't be used again. still not particularly beautiful, but way better than machine-canceled.

this is what a machine canceled envelope looks like. the picture doesn't look bad, but imagine if that ink were in the middle of your pretty stamps, or even on the calligraphy? some brides may not care, but machine canceling is also very rough on thicker letters such as invitations and may rip the envelope.

enclosure cards
we made two enclosure cards: a babysitter card and a map of our wedding location. etiquette says there are a few things that should not be printed on your invitation. for instance, your registry information. also, "no kids" should be tactfully delivered. we opted for separate enclosure cards that were only mailed to those guests with children. we used our stationery maker for the babysitter cards, but I highly recommend for printed items such as enclosure cards and programs to complement your invitation suite. if you love our map, check out and contact debbie - she was great to work with. once our wedding is over, I'll post all of our invitation information and a better picture of the map.

vintage stamps
if you want to add an extra special touch to your invitations, check out my post on vintage stamps here.

alright, there you have it, my best tips and tricks on wedding invitations! invitations were one of the first things that I picked out during our wedding planning, which I don't think is necessarily normal but it was definitely something that I enjoyed. if you've been married, did you discover any tips on your own that I missed? if you are a bride-to-be, best wishes and happy mailing! 


  1. Oh my goodness, the invisible ink for the RSVP cards is genius! I remember wanting to beat my head against a wall when people didn't put their names on the RSVP cards. Then again, I've probably been the person that hasn't put my name on the envelope at one point in time...

    1. my coworkers' boyfriend mailed a completely blank RSVP envelope to us. of course, she came to me since she figured it out - but hey, I would've been ready! HAHA.

  2. This is so helpful--even though I've never been married before, I do appreciate all of the tips and tricks!!!