Tuesday, February 7, 2017

super bowl LI tablescape

to be honest, I don't really want to talk about the super bowl. for obvious reasons. but I can't miss the chance to talk about my super bowl sunday tablescape, so I am begrudgingly writing this post while still nursing a broken heart.

a couple days ago, I posted about how to make a football field-inspired table runner. of course, this is exactly how my super bowl sunday vision started. I finished my table runner in an evening, then somehow I started googling 'diy taco stand' and was on to my next project! stephen is in the middle of his work busy season, which means I pretty much have all weekend long to fulfill my crafting desires with zero judgement.

I stopped by party city earlier in the week to stock up on all my falcons gear including paper plates and napkins before they ran out. I also found red rock candy to put in our champagne. so pinterest-y, I know, but it was a hit. I didn't realize the rock candy would change the color and flavor of the champagne, that's why it's a dark red hue. festive, right?

the taco stands were definitely a success! I pre-filled the tortillas and put them on the stands so people could grab and go, then add their toppings. we made beef and portobello mushroom tacos and had shredded mexican cheese and cotija cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, guacamole, and lots of peppers for toppings. I also forgot to make the rice... whoopsies.

all in all, it was a great sunday - minus the ending of the big game and the last part of the evening...

...after all of our guests left, I heard a lot of emergency vehicle sirens. they were so close to our house and you just get a feeling, you know. a couple minutes later, my parents called and said that there was a terrible wreck right in front of them, less than a mile from our house. both of my parents got out of their car to help - mom went to one vehicle in the wreck and my dad went to the other, which had flipped up in the air and landed in a ditch. my parents literally broke these injured people out of their cars using bricks and manpower, with the help of other strangers. several people helped lift up the upside-down vehicle so they could kick in and break the window glass. then they actually pulled these people out of their cars because there was gas leaking out of the vehicles. it's too much for me to think about and I wasn't even there. 

it's just crazy how quickly things can change, we all need the help of strangers, and time is precious. it also makes me think about acting in the time of necessity. I have been rescued from a car crash by strangers before, years ago. it makes me think about how best to be mentally prepared if it ever happens where I am called on to act quickly and bravely to save someone else. thankfully, everyone survived this time. hug your loved ones and look both ways before you press the gas pedal.

ok, I'm not sure if I can successfully transition from that story... but I'll try.
on a less somber note, I promise I'll share a diy taco holder how-to in the next few weeks. I hope you had a great super bowl sunday, however you celebrated and even if your team didn't win!


  1. We all do need to be prepared to act quickly and bravely. Glad your parents and other good samaritans were on the scene!

    And nice table scape.

    1. definitely, even though it's scary to think about!

  2. I love Superbowl parties--one day I will make a snack stadium! I've done snack bleachers in the past. This turned out so well!! Your parents sound like awesome people helping like that.

    1. whoa, I would love to see a photo of your snack bleachers!