Monday, February 20, 2017

a word on vintage postage

somehow during wedding planning, I stumbled upon the most beautiful images of themed vintage stamps for invitations. I was obsessed and honestly, the first thing I did when we got engaged, was buy vintage stamps on etsy. I told myself that if the usps had ever released seashell stamps, it was a sign and I had to do it. sure enough, seashell postage was released in 1985 and then next thing I knew - I had to have the white crane, the alligator, and a floral love stamp for good measure.

I found all of these vintage stamps on etsy, from the following sellers:

edelweiss post (check out their instagram, swoon)

a couple words to the wise - make sure you buy "unused" stamps! when you get them in the mail, you will have to separate each stamp, which takes some time. each stamp has a face value, so make sure you have enough stamps to add up to the required postage. our wedding invitations required 68 cents (get them weighed at usps), and we used 73 cents worth of postage. I didn't really need the 3 cent crane, but I liked it for looks.

this may seem obvious, but we are talking about vintage postage which means there is a limited amount. you will definitely pay more than face value for these stamps. my advice is to find multiple listings on etsy for the same stamp and just do the math. if you're buying a lot of stamps, a couple dollars here and there will add up.

lastly, vintage stamps are not self-adhesive. plan an invitation stuffing party and have your maids over or your family. create an assembly line and knock it out. take it from me, don't serve your workers booze until after they've done their stamp duties. just kidding, thank you to my mom and sisters for your generous time helping us stamp our invites!

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