Friday, February 17, 2017

a rare friday five

I haven't done a weekly reading in ages and I wanted to bring you guys up to speed with what I've been up to lately - so here I am doing a friday five, which I've never done before. happy friday everyone, here's what I've been up to these days!

image via cyclebar

1. spinning like a maniac + 7 minute arms
y'all, I joined la fitness back in november and have been going to spin class 4 times a week. I also bought fancy spin shoes, which is basically me bribing myself. last weekend, stephen and I attended a ride for refugees event at cyclebar. guess what? bought a groupon for that studio too. I guess you could say that I'm obsessed. I am also doing tracy anderson's 7 minute arms every day at my desk. and yes, our office is open concept.

2. MOB dress drama
I am so happy to say that we have had relatively low stress levels in planning our wedding. I also think it's because we run with pretty high stress levels already, so we probably are not noticing an increase. I DID; however, notice an increase when it became pretty obvious that the MOB dress my mom ordered back in freaking june 2016 is not coming. long story short, the boutique completely neglected to follow up with us and her dress is stuck in asia before the shipping cutoff for chinese new year. just when I thought all hell was about to break lose, we were able to find another gorgeous dress as a replacement.  I am going to go ahead and put this out there, if you ever find yourself thinking about ordering a dress by jovani - proceed with caution.

image via mercedes-amg

3. elementary school career day
nope, you didn't miss anything... I don't have kids. this year, I was asked to participate in career day at the elementary school that I volunteer at weekly. I was so excited to get the email and had a fun time trying to think of ways to entertain my audience of fifth graders. there's a mercedes-benz video that's called "beast of the green hell" and let's just say I edited out all references of "hell" and played it for the kiddos. I don't usually talk about work on the blog, but yes, I work for mercedes-benz and learn something new about cars every day.

4. lots of wedding shopping, for better or worse
basically I'm on a spending spree, I hope stephen's not reading... we are about three months away from our wedding, which means I am trying to get wedding week outfits picked out, honeymoon attire, bridesmaid gifts, parent gifts, wedding programs, I mean, the list never ends. I just ordered this gorgeous wedding keepsake book by jan sevadjian from swoozie's.

image and recipe via sally's baking addiction

5. cherry pie
I have really been craving cherry pie lately and I'm not sure why since I've never actually made one. my mom's is so delicious, maybe after my wedding dress fitting this weekend, I will make one.

alright, that's what's up over in my world! I hope you have the best weekend, especially if you are celebrating valentine's or galentine's. we celebrated last weekend, it was so nice to go out on a date just the two of us. we even went to a second bar after dinner (wild!!). I also celebrated galentine's last weekend too, which I haven't done before. we had a super cute cocktail hour and dinner at a tapas place I've been dying to try. what are you up to this weekend??

thanks for reading! xx


  1. I can't believe that the shop basically just didn't follow up with y'all about your Mom's dress! I'm glad that you were able to find a replacement though!

    1. unfortunately we are still not in the clear with her dress, hopefully will be soon!

  2. That cherry pie looks amazing! You make me want to make one once it's cherry season!

  3. The wedding to-do list NEVER ends!!! I'm sorry about your mom's dress drama, I know she will find something amazing to wear.

    1. I so wish you lived closer! I hope all your wedding planning is going well!