Friday, January 27, 2017

soup swap lineup 2017

the second annual soup swap went off without a hitch, with lots of new soups to taste and swap this year. this was the first year to host it in our new home, which was nice since we had more room to spread out. the weather has also been unseasonably warm in georgia so we also got to sit out on the deck and enjoy the weather after swapping soup!

last year, I wrote about how to host a soup swap and also shared the recipes for the soups we had. I am still obsessed with ina garten's tomato orzo soup that my friend emily brought. here are all the soups that we tried this year:

zucchini basil by ina garten
jen's italian soup (family recipe)

here's a photo from last year to show you how we sample each soup. I wasn't very good about taking pictures this year, was having too much fun! little cups with soup spoons make it very easy to taste lots of soups without a lot of clean up since it's all disposable.

we always talk about having another soup swap-like party during the year, but we can't decide what theme. obviously, a holiday cookie swap is fun! but soup is just so practical since you can freeze and reheat later when you realize you have no food in your pantry ;)

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