Monday, January 23, 2017

guest bathroom update

confession: when I am not 100% happy with something decor-wise, I swear all hell breaks lose in my mind, creating a total fixation that must be dealt with immediately. anyone else out there? it's so silly because there are a lot of things that are not perfect or organized in my house (ahem, the office). some things just matter more at any given time, like say for instance, the guest bathroom off the kitchen the week before we're having guests over. of all the things I needed to plan for (like food and booze), the most important first thing to do was to redecorate my bathroom. I will admit that even I recognized it was slightly insane, but we all have our issues right?

you may remember the first time that I shared our guest bathroom on the blog, I love the curtains that my mom made for us, but somewhere between the watercolor picture of atlanta and the teal-ish guest towels, something was not working for me. of course, my OCD kicked in and I made upwards of four trips to target to find a new rug and guest towels, and finally, after a couple more trips to other stores, I am now happy with the bathroom. phew, that was exhausting.

curtain fabric, lewis and sheron
magnolia wreath, michael's / similar
bird plates, creative co-op
hand towels, target
hand towel tray and wastebin, bed bath and beyond
southern candles, southern bon vivant


  1. I love how pretty you guest bathroom is! It seriously looks like a bathroom from a hotel!

    1. thank you! bathrooms are fun since they're small and feel more manageable than decorating an entire room!