Monday, February 29, 2016

meatless monday: vegetarian sausage cheese balls

ok, I know what you are probably thinking... what is the point of making sausage balls if you're not using sausage, right? you may know that I used to make these sausage cheese balls for tailgates and parties before I went vegetarian. they were always a hit and I always ended up eating them even though I am not a fan of sausage. obviously this is not a vegetarian blog so I don't want to get too wrapped up in this but I never felt good about eating or cooking with sausage, the same could be said for chicken and beef. anyway, I had a party to go to where everyone was asked to bring a side and these sausage balls are a no-brainer. I thought about making them the regular way but then I knew I would be tempted to eat them and what vegetarian brings a non-vegetarian dish to a party? seems sort of odd. again, no judgements here but it didn't seem like a good move. what if there were no other vegetarian dishes at the party? what would I eat? so this is how I came to explore vegetarian sausage balls.

we've been eating field roast sausages on the reg lately, in pasta and with rice - honestly, they are surprisingly good! I chopped the sausages and pulsed them in the food processor before following my regular recipe for cheesy sausage balls. they turned out pretty well! I didn't even tell people they were vegetarian.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

weekly reading, volume 2

ahh another week has come and gone, and even though this is only week 2 of my weekly reading - this is already easily my favorite series! this past week was a crazy week, I was busy with work and social plans every night (#nationalmargaritaday), stephen had his last week of busy season (aka getting home from work at midnight for a month) and.... wait for it....

he finally passed the C.P.A. exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! words cannot express our excitement.

Friday, February 26, 2016

fashion friday: the off the shoulder maxi dress

spring will officially be here in three weeks which definitely warrants a new piece in the wardrobe. I'm talking super-spring-feeling-can't-wear-it-to-work-piece. which leads me to the off the shoulder maxi dress. this piece is the best of both worlds for spring time shenanigans. the off the shoulder neckline allows you to bask in the warm weather and gives a flirty nod toward summer while the long length provides a bit more warmth for cooler temps once the sun goes down.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

shopping in downtown athens

on saturday, I made an impromptu trip to athens to see my little sister who's a freshman at the university of georgia. it's been a while since I'd seen her and I didn't have plans for the day so it was a perfect opportunity to make the short trip to athens.

if you haven't been, athens is the perfect roadtrip distance from atlanta - only slightly longer than an hour. downtown has so many boutiques and local spots to discover and athens even has it's own brewery. without further ado, here's my advice on how to spend a leisurely afternoon in downtown athens, georgia.

Monday, February 22, 2016


hong kong, china
jakarta, indonesia
kuala lumpur, malaysia
manila, philippines
singapore, singapore

melbourne, australia
sydney, australia

dubai, united arab emirates
dubrovnik, croatia
paris, france

south america
havana, cuba
recife, brazil
rio de janeiro, brazil
salvador, brazil

alys beach, florida
athens, georgia
austin, texas
birmingham, alabama
charleston, south carolina
chicago, illinois
college station, texas
dallas, texas
highlands, north carolina
houston, texas
jacksonville, florida
key west, florida
long beach, california
macon, georgia
maui, hawaii
new york, new york
north georgia
palos verdes, california
paso robles, california
ponte vedra, florida
ridgewood, new jersey
san antonio, texas
savannah, georgia
seaside, florida
sedona, arizona
serenbe, georgia
vero beach, florida
watersound, florida

hawaiian honeymoon
the big island

patio gardening with kale and cabbage

do you ever make a purchase because of something you saw on social media? whenever I do, I always laugh to myself since the impact of social media can be hard to quantify for brands or marketing agencies. I wish I could tell the brand or store "hey, it's working!" and "keep it up!" I guess that's the marketing nerd in me.

I usually clean up my patio around march or april and replant my window boxes... basically I get my patio all ready for cocktails on a warm day or early evening. I love having a drink with stephen after work on the patio. I keep thinking winter is over but as we did have snow recently, I think I'm just in denial. I am so ready for spring and I happened to see an instagram post from my local pike nursery about ornamental kale and cabbage, how they can be planted now and withstand the cold temperatures through spring. SOLD. while I may still need to wear a jacket outside, at least I can have a colorful patio already.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

weekly reading, volume 1

I'm excited to start a new series called weekly reading, this is where I will chat about what I'm currently obsessed with and share links for you to check out over the course of your week. at any given time, I have so many different thoughts and plans on my mind and I'm happy to be able to share them with you in this way. I'll also share links from my favorite blogs and articles here as time goes on. so here we go with my first weekly reading assignments recommendations for you!

lights, camera, action! I started taking a photography class through the showcase school in atlanta. I can't wait to elevate my skills and so far, this class has been great. next up, floral arranging and hand lettering classes.

my mom, sister, and I all recently bought these dolce vita sandals (pictured above). c'mon springtime!

I'll be cooking up some southern favorites with my newest cookbook: shrimp, collards, and grits. I opened this book for a quick glance and couldn't part with it. recipes like heirloom tomato and vidalia onion pie and peach bread got me hooked.

rachel's grandmother's blueberry muffins are on my list to bake!

I recently popped into michael's and found wicker chargers for 40% off, similar to these. I scooped them up and am obsessed with them on my table. now I just need to add some sweet spring details.

I'm looking forward to finally checking out dolce this week for happy hour at buckhead atlanta. last week, I stopped by krog street for the first time and loved superica

and I'm stoked to be back in the swing of yoga with infinity yoga. 5x a week workouts is my goal plus arden's garden for lunch. I particularly liked a message this week about your inner light. yoga is about the inner self not the outer self and as long as your inner self's light is shining, your external light will reflect that glow. working on your inner will impact your outer, essentially. #loveyourself

have a fantastic week, everyone! and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Friday, February 19, 2016

fashion friday: warm and cozy

even though I've been telling myself it's already spring for a few weeks now, the weather is not supporting my position. which is super confusing because I'm pretty confident the groundhog didn't see his shadow or whatever it takes to determine it's spring time. spring doesn't officially start until march 19th and although that date is not terribly far away, it is also not terribly close either. 

these winter temperatures make me feel so lazy. I literally have to get everything done during daylight because once the sun sets, it's game over. it's too cold to go out, run errands, hit the gym... all activities are out of the question. while I can still be productive with working, blogging, reading, and cooking at home after dark - one thing is for sure, I've mastered my coziness routine. at any given time, I am wearing my short uggs, a long robe, and have a fur blanket wrapped around me. the good news is that the weekend temperatures are looking up here in atlanta! just in case we have a few more brutal days of winter, here are a few of my picks to keep you warm.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

pure barre kennesaw grand opening party

my sister's pure barre kennesaw studio opened its doors in december and has been lifting, toning, and burning ever since. pure barre kennesaw hosted its grand opening party this past weekend, a few months after opening, in order to celebrate the studio but also in order to celebrate the accomplishments of the new members over the past few months.

the day started with a ribbon cutting with the mayor of kennesaw at 3:30pm. I left dunwoody at 2:15pm and barely made it, but thankfully I did! after the ribbon cutting, we were fast and furious setting up for the grand opening party that evening.

Monday, February 15, 2016

meatless monday: ina garten's tomato orzo soup

one of my favorite soups from soup swap was a tomato orzo soup that my friend emily brought. I love tomato soup with grilled cheese but since this soup has orzo, you really don't even need a grilled cheese to accompany it. the great thing about soup swap was that we all left with tons of different soups. I shared all of my soups with stephen... but not this one, I devoured this one by myself.

I am back home for the forseeable future which means a regular grocery store trip to prepare for the week was in order. I've been dreaming of this soup ever since soup swap and it turned out to be amazing and super easy to make! every fall/winter season, I always make baked potato soup and broccoli cheese soup at least once. this tomato orzo soup will definitely be on my annual repeat list!

Friday, February 12, 2016

old town dubrovnik, croatia

on my recent trip to dubrovnik, I had a chance to briefly explore the old town of the city. I didn't really know what to expect but as soon as we arrived, I was speechless. to enter the old town, you must walk through a draw bridge which is both quaint and expansive at the same time. massive walls surround the old town and their height is staggering. once I walked in, I was surprised by how large the walls were and was immediately intrigued by this beautiful, historic city.

old town is full of shops and restaurants and markets and more. I was taken aback by the various, gorgeous doors lining the streets. the buildings and columns were lovingly adorned with garland which I became obsessed with. I love christmas garland and this regal, year-round garland is just perfectly charming. the garland adds character, care, and festivity. the streets were bustling with people yet the streets were so wide, the city still felt welcoming and ready to be explored. I could have spent hours taking photos of this special place, but alas, it was a work trip and I had limited time given I also needed to do some quick shopping. this post is full of photos so grab a glass of wine and be transported to old town, dubrovnik. enjoy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

croatian coastline

I spent last week in dubrovnik, croatia for work and this was also my first trip with my new dslr camera. I was in working sessions all day every day but I did bring my camera with me everywhere. I snapped photos every chance I got, during coffee and lunch breaks and even on bus rides! I think my effort paid off. 

croatia is well known for its red rooftops throughout the city and they really pop against the staggering, gorgeous cliffs and expansive ocean views. driving up and down the windy coastline of croatia was a magical experience. this was my first time to ever drive in a foreign country! the city was relatively quiet before the summer peak season starts, but there were plenty of sailboats dotting the ocean view.

Monday, February 8, 2016

meatless monday: my favorite vegetarian finds

I'm pretty excited to write this post because in many ways, I've come really far in my vegetarian journey. I just got back from a work trip, lots of eating out - it can be so boring and repetitive when dining out, if not impossible to find a vegetarian option. it can also be really discouraging. but as I write this, I am encouraged to keep up my journey.

I have always eaten a moderately vegetarian diet but last november, I decided to commit to being vegetarian. I have completely stopped buying, cooking, and eating meat but I do still eat fish every once in a while. all in all, I have cooked with so many more vegetables in the past 3+ months such as eggplant, butternut squash, and more. I've also discovered a few vegetarian products at publix and whole foods that I can't live without.

Friday, February 5, 2016

love the wine you're with

no matter how you choose to celebrate valentine's day and whether you're single, taken, confused, or whatever - there's a bottle of wine with your name on it this month.

fresh from a breakup? go with smart cookie - you're better off without him.
hot date? pour yourself a glass of flirt as you get all dolled up.
girl's night in? bring a bottle of menage a trois for a laugh and a cheers to good friends.
staying solo? sip on be radiant and toast to yourself!
third wheelin' it? there's even a wine for you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

beach house tour: kitchen and bar reveal

over the past few months, I've been slowly unveiling different parts of our family beach house. I started with the living room and the bathrooms, and now I'm sharing the kitchen and wet bar. the kitchen is easily one of my favorite places in the whole home. the marble countertops steal the show along with the pop of blue under the bar stools. the beamed ceilings are also a favorite of mine.

Monday, February 1, 2016

home is where the heart is

happy february! while I don't typically decorate for valentine's day, I do like to celebrate during the month with some subtle nods here and there. a bouquet of roses is a must whether you're single or taken and a sweet candy dish filled with conversation hearts is an easy way to show you at least know we're in the month of february. bonus - if you're like me, you're not tempted to eat candy hearts so you can display them all month rather than accidentally consuming them all in one day. that's a win if I ever heard one... candy hearts > halloween candy.

I am always coveting a few items for my kitchen at any given time, last month I bought a cuisinart double burner griddle so that I can make approximately six grilled cheeses at once. while this may seem excessive, I assure you in my household, it's not. for christmas, I asked for a crystal punch bowl set which I am dying to use and lately I've been contemplating a waffle maker. this one would be perfect for red heart waffles in february and green clover waffles next month.