Friday, December 16, 2016

paso robles wine trip day three // grey wolf, halter ranch, brecon

if you know me, you may know that I am notorious for never checking the weather. after many years of traveling near and far, my theory for travel wardrobe consists of lots of black layers so I can manage in all types of weather. unfortunately, we were surprised to hear from our B&B guests that our last day in paso robles had 100% chance of rain! luckily, I brought a hat so I threw it on and we made the best of it.

we decided to make the best of it, of course, by starting day three with some wine (start here if you're just joining the recap). we had a ticket for a complimentary tasting at grey wolf cellars so we started there first. it turns out that grey wolf cellars is absolutely the most adorable place in paso robles and you absolutely have to go there if you visit paso.

grey wolf is quaint and unassuming on the exterior. we parked the car and ran inside to avoid the rain.

much to my surprise, the interior of grey wolf is decorated like a west elm photo shoot. the perfect mix of modern and simple while also including family pictures and personal touches.

as if it couldn't get better - the outdoor spaces at grey wolf really shine. even though the sun wasn't (see what I did there). we took our wine outside and ducked under the beautiful awnings and pondered how amazing a sunny day at grey wolf would be.

we ended up buying four bottles at grey wolf: 2 bottles of instinctual (100% grenache), a lineage (44% malbec, 38% cabernet sauvignon, 13% petite verdot, 5% cabernet franc) and a sentinelle (40% marsanne, 40% rousanne, 20% viognier). 

after hitting grey wolf pretty hard, we decided to do some shopping in the square. long story short, it was a bit of a bust and we lost our buzz. we recovered quickly by heading to more wineries (ha!). the night before, I had ordered a red blend at the pony club and was actually served a halter ranch cabernet. the wine ended up being so good that we knew we had to make a stop at halter ranch.

from the road, all you see of halter ranch is a gorgeous victorian farmhouse. I thought this was the tasting room, but it isn't!

once you drive in a bit more, you see the old barn that was built in 1880. the barn was originally used for grain storage and has since been restored. it's now used as an event space, I mean can you even imagine?!

to get to the tasting room, you must drive through the covered bridge which links the barnyard and the vineyard.

...state-of-the-art chicken coops...

...a member-only club house...

...and finally, the tasting room. the tasting room was recently opened in february of 2016 and is nicely appointed, yet also welcoming. we met the most amazing wine pourer and had a wonderful conversation with him about wine making in general and halter ranch. not only is halter ranch wine delicious, the grounds are gorgeous, and the owner of the vineyard is a huge proponent of land preservation. he purchased multiple land plots around the winery with the intent of conservation.

we bought a bottle of the cabernet sauvignon (78% cabernet sauvignon, 13% malbec, and 9% petit verdot), which I absolutely cannot wait to enjoy.

next, we headed to two other wineries which we had heard good things about from locals: brecon and jada.

brecon was like the cool girl in high school, you didn't want to be her because you had your own awesome self - but you couldn't help but acknowledge she had an effortless way about her that you were a bit envious of. anyone else relate to what I'm talking about? I am usually not that cute in sweats laying around the house. the brecon-cool-girl is totally gorgeous and carefree in sweats. brecon was like an effortless location for cool people to hang out and just drink pretty expensive wine. all in all, beautiful - but also, not really for me.

we did a tasting at brecon and didn't buy any bottles...

lastly, we headed to jada, which was a different experience all together. we also only did a tasting at this one, but did have a lovely conversation with the wine pourers. after that, we headed out to marv's original pizza on the square for dinner. 

I hope you enjoyed my paso robles wine trip recap - start here if you're just joining. as always, feel free to drop me a line if you're planning a trip and have a question. happy travels and cheers!


  1. Grey Wolf looks like such a beautiful winery, and I love that bird house made out of corks! It sounds like y'all bought some delicious bottles of wine and thoroughly enjoyed your time in Paso Robales! I definitely want to add this to my list to visit one day!

    1. it was a great trip, I think you would love it!!!

  2. Scrolling through your pictures, it seemed like the place just kept getting fancier and fancier!

    7% Solution

    1. even in the rain, these places were just beautiful!