Friday, November 25, 2016

terranea resort at palos verdes

it's hard to believe that our much anticipated california coast wine trip has come and gone and that we are almost to the month of december! we had such a great long weekend in palos verdes and paso robles and I'm happy to share our photos and recommendations with you guys. get ready for a wine country overload coming soon. 

stephen went to LA at the beginning of the week for a work trip and I met him late that wednesday night for a long weekend. I picked up the car rental around midnight and wasn't able to see the gorgeous view driving to the resort but was pleasantly surprised the next morning to see the beautiful coast line, catalina island in the distance, and the stately terranea architecture.

this was the view from our casita on my first morning. notice that you can't even see catalina island in the distance.

stephen worked on thursday and I was quite content reading in bed alone. he kept telling me to get up and go explore, but vacation for me is also about total relaxation. I didn't mind lounging in bed, plus all 800 pages of the goldfinch are not going to read themself. not to mention, the monthly book club link up is fast approaching! 

once he finished working, we left our casita (below) and went for a walk around the property. I was so happy to see gorgeous, natural birds of prey flowers. you may remember that I took a floral arranging class a couple of months ago and used them in an arrangement. I've never seen these flowers grow naturally and they were all over the place on the grounds of terranea.

if you read often, you know I love flowers, gardens, plants, all of it. walking on the grounds of terranea was gorgeous, with so many different types of plants to admire.

these prickly pear cactus were everyone, and I immediately thought of our trip to sedona, arizona a couple of years ago and all the yummy prickly pear margaritas we had!

after making a loop on the terranea grounds, we walked up the coastline to the top of the cliffs. 

we met a california dude practicing yoga on the top of the rock who offered to take our picture, and actually knew how to use my camera. we chatted with him for a bit and told him we were driving to paso robles the next morning. he recommended a lunch spot in santa barbara, which we definitely took him up on.

we stopped at the pool for some cocktails with stephen's coworkers before freshening up for dinner at nelson's. nelson's had such a pretty outdoor ambience with lights and heaters, right on the water. not to mention, they offered a veggie burger, which I have been nonstop craving lately. their veggie burger was largely comprised of a beet base, making the patty sort of pinky purple. it was refreshingly different and lemony tasting. we shared a bottle of pinot noir and called it a night, getting some rest before our 4 hour trek to paso robles in the morning.

if you scroll up, you can see the picture of our view on the first morning and how much clearer our view on the second morning was. you can totally make out catalina island in the distance. it was a gorgeous morning.

we bounced over to sea beans, the onsite and absolutely adorable cafe at terranea. I could've lived in this hip cafe - the pastry cases were full of delights: quiche, breakfast sandwiches, breads, muffins, scones, pastas. it was so hard to choose but I settled with a mini quiche and a blueberry scone, which I snacked on throughout the day.

we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and set out for lunch at santa barbara en route to paso robles... stay tuned for more!


  1. So I had no idea that there was a wine region so close to LA! I need to keep this in mind for some of our future California trips! Your resort looked so beautiful, and I love how close you were to the coast too!

    1. definitely hit Paso Robles if you guys will be in the area, my recaps will be up soon! Hearst castle is also pretty close, we didn't go but heard it was cool.