Monday, November 28, 2016

holiday baking with infinity jars

every year when it gets to be october (heck, sometimes september if I'm feeling extra impatient), I make a batch of my favorite pumpkin bread. this year was no different, except I decided to combine the ingredients in one bowl instead of using two for the solids and liquids. sometimes, I am lazy and usually it's no problem. well this time, it ended up being a major problem. I will spare you the details, but it turns out that my flour had been "contaminated"... so since I only used one bowl, all my ingredients were ruined. if you've ever had an issue with flour before, you know that it sort of scars you for a while. I couldn't even think about baking for a few weeks.

then I got an email from infinity jars. it was too coincidental! I was excited to try their jars because they are airtight, lightproof, ultraviolet jars that preserve freshness and they look much more chic than your typical storage jars. I knew I needed a couple for flour and sugar, but I was also happy to dump my baking powder in a smaller jar. trying to stick a teaspoon through the little slit on the side of the arm and hammer container is so annoying, and now that problem is solved too! I ended up using my jars for flour, sugar, brown sugar, and baking powder but there are so many storage uses for these jars such as coffee and tea, bath products, or nuts and herbs.

another dish that I bake every year is sweet potatoes, they are just so good. my new infinity jars came just in time to break them out for a batch of thanksgiving sweet potatoes. I washed the jars with warm water and filled them with my flour, sugar, brown sugar, and baking powder.

you can find infinity jars online, and [for a limited time] when you spend over $100, you'll receive 2 free jars (the 15 ml cosmetic jar and the 50 ml dropper, a combined $25 value), free shipping ($12+ value), and you can use the 10% off coupon code for joining their mailing list. if you were to spend over $100 today, you would receive an extra $47+ in value. I think these would make a great christmas present for anyone who likes to cook or even for the diy beauty queen to store her creations.

and seriously, if you need a sweet potato recipe - you must try these!

thank you to infinity jars for providing me with various jars for review. as always, all opinions are my own.

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