Friday, November 4, 2016

a spooky trip to serenbe

 and just like that, halloween is over and november is here! a couple weeks ago, my friend asked if we wanted to go see the sleepy hollow play in serenbe on halloween night. immediately, I was interested because I have been wanting to go to serenbe for years now. even though it meant missing our first trick-or-treaters in our new house, I persuaded stephen to agree to a play on halloween night in serenbe.

we had heard that serenbe playhouse plays are amazing and other than that, we didn't have much of an idea of what to expect. we left atlanta with several hours to spare and set out to explore the town of serenbe before dinner and spooky hollow.

serenbe is a a progressive community connected to nature on the edge of atlanta. the neighborhood has fresh food, fresh air and is focused on wellbeing. the community is set among acres of preserved forests and meadows with miles of nature trails that connect homes and restaurants with arts and businesses.

I loved seeing the animals throughout serenbe, especially these beautiful horses.

we didn't stay at the inn since we only live about an hour away from serenbe, but it would be an adorable place to stay. 

since we had a couple hours to kill, we walked around and explored the town's general store, blue eyed daisy bakeshop, and a boutique. the other couple of shops in serenbe were closed, which was a disappointment. 

after exhausting our options, we decided to break out our cooler and have a drink in the forest because why not.

we found a couple of tree stumps to sit on below the trees and kicked back for a little while. the weather was so hot but the colorful trees and a slight breeze kept us relaxed.

our dinner reservations in serenbe sort of fell through (I'll spare you the long story), so we ended up driving out of town for dinner before the show. once we headed back, it was time to park and head into the show. we followed a long maze of lighted torches to a remote field of parking.

once we entered the dark woods, it was a magical and dramatic transformation. the bar was beautifully spooky and completely staffed by people in black cloaks who were quite rude to customers in order to build the vibe. the bar offerings were robust and included hot apple cider spiked with fireball. I was in love with the ambiance and the cider immediately.

then it was time to walk over to the first act of the play. the play was exceptionally cool because it was a walking play, meaning we never really sat down. each act took place in a different setting that you could walk to, which is great because I had no way to fall asleep in a chair! yes, this has happened to me at other plays, as embarrassing as it is. a couple of drinks, a dark room, and a comfy chair... a recipe for disaster for me.

I definitely stayed awake throughout sleepy hollow and I can't say enough about the whole experience. the cast of the play even offered to take photos with the guests. the singing was really quite amazing and the acting was strong as well. the props and lighting were spot on. serenbe tries to leverage the natural settings they have on site already which means that different plays may take place in different spots within serenbe. being deep in the woods for sleepy hollow was something out of a dream.

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we had such a fun time trying something new and doing something so totally out of the box on halloween. a couple of halloweens ago, stephen surprised me with phantom of the opera tickets at the fox theatre. so I guess you could say that halloween plays are my thing!

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