Monday, October 17, 2016

halloween at our house

as it turns out, we are already over half way through october! which means it's time to change my door wreath, among other things of course. we've been sporting our 'house divided' wreath for auburn and texas a&m and I swapped it out for a few weeks with our halloween wreath.

I have a fun and easy trick for you guys today - I could go crazy buying tons of wreaths, a wreath for every month and every holiday. probably not the best financial investment for us at this time, but it's tempting. instead, I buy seasonal wreaths like the colorful one you see below and then add a holiday sign from the dollar store that complements. so after halloween, I can just remove this little halloween sign and we're back to a plain fall wreath.

this year, I decided not to buy mums because my plant below is still kicking and I like the brown and white coloring it has. I bought some lanterns from hayneedle and filled them with gourds and small pumpkins.

as a testament to just how busy we are this fall season, stephen and I haven't even picked out a pumpkin together yet. I'm not sure if we will given how much travel and other stuff we have going on during the weekends. oh well, at least I can enjoy all the pumpkins on instagram!

do you plan to decorate your doorway for halloween? better yet - if you're dressing up this year, what's your costume!?


  1. I love all of your Halloween decor! Chris and I have been too busy to pick out pumpkins this year too, but I'm hoping that we'll have time this weekend!

  2. Trick out a house with spooky yet funny Halloween decorations means an excellent way to relax for me. It's better than preparing a custom paper. Thanks for the write-up!