Wednesday, September 7, 2016

floral arranging classes

I'm so excited to share my floral arranging classes on the blog! my love and interest for flowers has been a slow burn for quite some time. I took horticulture as an elective in college because I could never get into the floral arranging class (it filled up in seconds online). at least I did get into the wine making class. seriously awesome electives, right? woot woot texas a&m! anyway, I have always wanted to take floral arranging classes and was never able to find one that fit my schedule or was the right level of instruction. why, yes I'd like to take a week long full-day course, but I am busy with my real job. luckily, the classes at atlanta school of floral design fit the bill since they offer evening classes!

we made three arrangements over the course of two days, using some of the most beautiful flowers. my favorite is the hand tie bouquet below. we used boxwood in all of the arrangements, which I love as well. if you are interested in floral arranging classes and live in the atlanta area, I highly suggest you seek out atlanta school of floral design. no previous experience required :) you will learn lots of tips and tricks from the owner, don, and you'll go home with some gorgeous arrangements.

I loved that the class size was small, especially since I needed a little extra help sometimes. the other two people in my class came from the event and floral industry, so let's just say I did a lot of listening and learning in our sessions!

don has lots of tips and tricks that he shares, and I love this one about "reflexing." check out this video to learn more.

one of the main reasons I wanted to take don's class is because I've never worked with foam before. we made two arrangements in foam and I made a short list of all the tools I'll need going forward like green zip ties, tape, and garden picks. I hopped on to amazon and ordered them in a flash.

I've definitely never worked with birds of paradise before and was shocked to learn that they ship closed like in the photo below. I was so nervous to open them, it's like cracking a lobster open. you have to be quite strong about it, but it's still a dainty flower. so anyway, I wasn't very good at this part and don opened them for me!

this was also my first time working with fruits in an arrangement. I've lined vases with sliced limes before, but I've never used a pick to anchor apples in place. I love this look.

I really enjoyed these classes! I was inspired by the back-to-school season to try something new and learn and it was worth the time and money to do so. if you've been reading for a while, you know that I always make the arrangements for thanksgiving and christmas for my family [here, here, and here]. I cannot wait to use my new skills to make them way better this year!

are there any classes you've been wanting to take? what are you waiting for!


  1. What a fun idea for a class to take! I love this!

    1. it was so fun, except my hand got pretty tired from holding all these flowers. who knew they could be so heavy!

  2. One of the classes that I always wanted to take at A&M was the flower arranging class! I never did get tot take it, but this seems like a great alternative!

    1. that class at a&m was impossible to get into!!