Wednesday, August 31, 2016

housewarming brunch

to say that we went back and forth on whether to have a housewarming would be an understatement. we moved in to our home just over two months ago and it has been non-stop buying and decorating. to host a housewarming on top of all that just seeming daunting. my mom finally talked me into it and I'm glad that she did since this is our first home, it will be a memory that we'll have forever.

I was apprehensive about having a ton of people over in the evening on a saturday in the summer (people are already so busy) and I also wasn't too excited about a dinner menu either. I didn't want to burden people with another party since we've had both a CPA party and our engagement party already this year so we kept the invite list to local people so no one felt pressured to travel. then I landed on the idea of a sunday brunch. copious amounts of mimosas and friends in the afternoon sounded like the best day ever. 

champagne with pear juice and orange juice
roasted red breakfast potatoes
croissants with chicken salad
pimento cheese triangles
quiche lorraine
quiche florentine
pigs in blankets
charleston cheese dip
assortment of donuts
mini cherry cheesecakes

my friend elizabeth bought a home around the same time that we bought ours and she also had a housewarming party. unfortunately, she lives in dallas so we couldn't go... but it's fun to go through life stages at the same time as a friend, and I think the moral of this post is that it's worth the effort. have the party, cook the food, drink it in, and enjoy the moment!


  1. I think a housewarming brunch is a great idea! People can stop by as they please and the mood feels more relaxed. Impressive menu! I'm hungry just reading it, haha!

    1. I loved the brunch theme, the menu and time are just different and fun. I think we needed more champs and less beer, turns out that guys love champagne too!

  2. The menu sounds amazing! Can I come over?!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  3. yes! but bring more pear juice... that was a hit!