Friday, August 5, 2016

atlanta home tour: kitchen cafe curtains

as you know, we recently moved into our new home in the atlanta area. I'm excited to share a weekly atlanta home tour post with you over the next month and beyond. we've made lots of progress and I'm finally getting to the point where I can share, but of course, there is always more to be done. mostly all of our furniture is in place and now we're putting finishing touches on. one of the biggest finishing touches is curtains. curtains are way more than finishing touches really, in most cases, they completely make a room. lucky for me, my mom is super talented and makes curtains!!

the way that our house is situated, we don't get much in the way of sunset views. the only place you can see the sun set is in the kitchen, through the top three windows. so while I knew we needed curtains, I also didn't want to obstruct our already minimal view of sunsets. instead of a roman shade, we opted for cafe curtains which only cover the bottom of the windows. this choice has been awesome for us because the bottom windows can be covered to provide privacy from neighbors and sun while the top windows are unobstructed for a view of the sky.

I consider these my lucky curtains because after ordering a similar (but less beautiful) fabric at a local shop, I got a call saying our order was too small and they couldn't custom order only 2 yards of the fabric. if you've picked out fabric before, you know it's a long and arduous process. I was not pleased with the news. 

if you can believe it, my mom went home and looked in her stash of fabrics and had just roughly two yards of this gorgeous fabric left over from curtains she made... oh you know... 13 years ago when we lived in minneapolis. not only do I love this fabric more, it was free, and it's sentimental. lucky!

the darker stripe in the fabric matches our cabinets, while the middle honey shade complements the granite, and the lightest shade of golden cream blends with our paint color. couldn't be more perfect.

when we initially started our fabric search, we spoke with a guy who told us to ensure each room has its own personality but still "goes" together. since our home is very open concept, with the kitchen, dining room, and living room all blending together in one super wide and open space, we took this advice to heart. it's fun to see it all come together, because now I understand his point. if you put these curtains together with our living room curtains, it doesn't match. however, when you throw in the guest bathroom curtains - it creates this gorgeous array of blacks, browns, grays, and creams that just pops. 

this concept reminds me of when I worked at nordstrom, when I used to try to match all my clothes and accessories (this was a loooong time ago). a super fashionable girl looked at my choices and informed me that "a cool girl" doesn't match, she just goes. as in the pieces don't match, but they complement each other. what do you think about matching versus going together? are you more of a matchy matchy person or more of a free to mix person?


  1. I'm a free mixer, especially in home decor.

    Great curtains!

  2. The curtains turned out so pretty, and I love that they're from your mom too! The height is also perfect for everything you need them to do too! Privacy and blocking out some of the sunlight!