Friday, August 26, 2016

atlanta home tour: entry way

happy friday!! another friday means another home tour post. oddly enough, the first thing you see when you walk into our home was the absolute last thing that we furnished! we left our entry way open for the first couple of months while we decided exactly what we wanted. it was also helpful for moving since there was no furniture in the way. this entry way was really built around the rug. both stephen and I love the look of a bright red persian-type of rug, but we did not want such a bold statement in our living room. we completely fell in love with the beige and light gray rug we found for the living room but were ready to make more of a splash with color in the entry way. 

our leisurely search for a red runner began and I wasn't making much progress until we randomly visited the dump one saturday. I found an amazing karastan on major sale that I snatched up, until I stumbled upon this thicker red beauty. while it was more than we wanted to spend, we acknowledged that it was exactly what we wanted. if you know us, we can justify just about anything.

and so we had the perfect rug and nothing else. since our hardwoods are so dark, I wanted to keep the rest of the pieces lighter. over the next couple of weekends, we finally found a gray mirror and a light brownish-gray distressed console table. then I struggled with a super traditional rug and somewhat farmhouse chic furniture. I needed more traditional lamps to pull it all together. 

sitting on a plane to chicago on a monday morning, I ordered two lamps from wayfair and was pleasantly surprised when I came home thursday night to find the lamps were perfect!

my next task was to add one final piece on the table between the lamps. stephen decided to be high maintenance (never!) and proclaimed that he didn't want any fake plants. we also thought candles were a no since we already had lighting covered with the lamps. what to do??

randomly on my lunch break one day, I visited my local pike's nursery to see about succulents and house plants. it was there that I found this amazing glass jar with a base that I had to have. I added some moss and a baby plant and voila. simple pieces balanced with the loud red rug. I love how it turned out, what do you think?

table, kirkland's
mirror, homegoods
plant with jar, pike nursery


  1. I think your house should be on HGTV cause this is kind of seriously cool. The decorations, the colors, my god! You are a champion! Happy weekend!
    xoxo, simona and indre

    1. that's so nice of you! thanks for stopping by :)