Friday, August 12, 2016

atlanta home tour: dining room accent wall

my obsession for ginger jars came on slowly and then all at once, it overwhelmed me. I actually think I would be okay with theme-ing (not a word) my whole place in ginger jars. there's just so many different ways you could go with these gorgeous jars. I decided to pair them with boxwoods on our accent wall in the dining room.

when we bought our place, there were four floating shelves in the dining room that we asked to ensure remained with the house. I was a little stumped in the beginning, determining my vision for these shelves. I've styled lots of shelves, but these shelves are a major focal point in the home, not to mention, they are in the dining area which ups the ante a bit. my souvenirs from foreign travels along with framed photos and books just didn't cut it in terms of creating a cohesive and elegant look on these shelves.

this is where the ginger jars came in! luckily, we were also in need of some pops of color because our wall paint, furniture, and decor is largely shades of neutrals. I love the neutral, and the blue is a nice pop of classic color. I was also lucky to find these different boxwood topiaries from homegoods, which also break up the color while still remaining pretty neutral. 

I added hardback books of mine that have black or white covers to keep it neutral and add some dimension. we also happened to have an 8x10 picture frame from our engagement party, which I filled with one of our engagement photos. I love this because at first glance, the photo shows a beachy bridge. but if you look closely, you'll see stephen and me standing on the bridge.

I think I may need to do a follow up post, something like "ginger jar detox: quitting cold turkey"... all I can say is that I want ginger jars everywhere, on this wall, above the kitchen cabinets, in my bedroom, in the entry wall. everything in moderation, right?!


  1. I love how the ginger jars add the extra pops of colors to your dining room and that the pictures add a little bit of you literally in the design too!

    1. thank you! I'm all about the color blue lately.