Friday, July 29, 2016

snapshots from mobile, alabama

back in may, stephen and his tennis team made it to the USTA state tournament down in macon... they ended up losing and being just edged out of the southern sectionals tournament which was planned for july. well two months later, they ended up getting the call to be the wildcard bid in the southern sectionals tournament after all. we headed out to mobile, alabama to represent the state of georgia last weekend in the southern sectionals tournament.

the gang was all there - alabama, arkansas, kentucky, louisiana, mississippi, south carolina, north carolina, tennessee, and of course, georgia. if you can believe it, our team which was initially knocked out of attending - ended up taking second place. sadly, only the first place team advances to nationals.

one afternoon during breaks between matches, I decided to go for a walk by myself. I had a feeling the mobile botanical gardens were just around the corner, and they were. I was pumped! I have never seen so many white herons before and this guy let me get close enough for a picture. obviously these are all iPhone pictures, but these birds were just beautiful.

so I get to the botanical gardens, make it to the front gate to find out they're closed due to summer hours. big disappointment. a local family walked up next to me and I overheard the father say, "don't worry guys, we're still gonna catch a snake. we just can't do it in the garden. let's head back up to the water area." and that's when I started running back to the mobile tennis center.

it was such a hot weekend, spent mostly outdoors sweating. after the tournament, I headed out to the charleston area for a work trip. charleston was just as hot. I think the dog days of summer definitely get you psyched for fall. I couldn't help but look forward to chilly mornings, grande coffee, and big scarves.


  1. My sister's family lives in Mobile so we're there quite a bit. The next time you're there, you should check out Bellingrath Gardens if you have time. It's beautiful! :) And congrats on second place!

  2. I've just driving through Alabama, but always heard how beautiful it is! I'm with you though about this southern heat, and I'm ready for fall weather too!