Wednesday, July 20, 2016

my first pilates reformer/tower class

I have done lots of hot yoga over the years, although not too consistently, and I recently tried pure barre which I really enjoyed. last week, I tried my first ever pilates reformer and tower class. I had absolutely zero idea of what to expect, but luckily for me, my friend emily was teaching the class. I knew she wouldn't judge and I knew she would support a well deserved after class margarita. I also wasn't the only newbie in our class, which made me feel better.

first of all, our class at adrenaline pilates only had six spaces which I loved. I felt like I was almost getting a one on one, which was especially helpful given it was my first time. second of all, holy cow I could feel the burn. the reformer is spring loaded so you're working against your own resistance, but  you can also adjust the springs to make it harder or easier. I had to adjust to a lower spring weight several times. we started with a warm up, followed by legs, arms, and abs. my favorite was an arms move that really worked your obliques by pulling the resistance bands completely across your body. I love those little oblique muscles! I was sore for days afterward, which I also love.

so even though the reformer looks like some sort of medieval torture or 50 shades of gray device, don't be intimidated. it was a fun class that kept me guessing and 60 minutes flew by. but I will say, this was a pretty intense workout - much more burn than I've ever felt with yoga. I could tell that doing pilates reformer consistently would definitely get you sculpted. I also like that you can pretty much just show up, you don't need a mat or towel unless you are sweat prone. don't get me wrong, I sweat in this class, it just wasn't pouring off me like in hot yoga.

the only downside is that pilates is seriously not cheap. even though I'm not supposed to be spending money on working out (hello, go run outside for free) - I am thinking about shelling out some money on pilates. if you're in atlanta, be sure to check out adrenaline pilates, they offer two free classes to first time students.


  1. Wow, it looks intense! I have always had a hard time with Pilates! I am more of a yoga girl. It's awesome that your friend was teaching the class though! So fun! :) XO - Alexandra

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    1. love hot yoga too! whatever makes me sweaty and sore works!

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