Friday, July 15, 2016

5 tips to prepare for engagement photos

we had our engagement photo session a few weeks ago and I found myself completely relaxed about it up until the week before our shoot. if you've never had photos of yourself taken, it can be a pretty nerve wracking experience since you may not know what to expect. we are still waiting to get our photos back and I am still nervous. HAHA. I know, I need to take a chill pill.

one thing I did feel really good about was the preparing that I did prior to our session. pretty shortly after we got engaged, I went to the dermatologist for a general consultation. this way, I was able to use prescriptions for months before our photos which gave me enough time for noticeable results. I am pretty low maintenance and the rest of my steps are easy to follow. while some people may want to get their teeth professionally whitened, I am okay with using crest white strips and knowing the photographer will probably work her magic. if you find yourself preparing for a photo session, here my top five tips.

1. think about you and your spouse's attire well in advance.
this one is big. I mean start thinking about this months in advance, if you have the time. if you're like me and getting dressed in the morning is a pain, think about the added stress of picking an outfit that you will be photographed in. there are so many factors to consider. type of fabric, color, and silhouette are huge. you must feel confident in how you look in the outfit, make sure it's a fit that is flattering to your body type. fabric is important because often times, engagement shoots feature different poses in different settings. if you sit on a bench, will you feel comfortable in the fabric? does it give, does it stretch, is it forgiving versus a very rigid fabric that will show flaws. phew. once you've got that covered, do it all over again for your spouse. guys are typically not as difficult. make sure your attire goes together by trying the outfits on well in advance and standing in front of the mirror together. if you're doing a print, make sure to keep it to one pattern only. I'm a firm believer in no outfit changes. it makes things too complicated. commit to your choice!

2. start your personal care regimen early. 
for me this included going to a dermatologist, teeth whitening strips, mederma, and heavy moisturizer for my arms (sleeveless dress). I was a little apprehensive about a sleeveless dress, but we did our photos at the beach so I felt like it was the most appropriate given the hot july weather. I used daily moisturizer on my arms for at least a month before our photos. I also tried to do a daily arm workout but didn't keep it up. if you have more willpower than me, add it to your list. mederma for scars is a must, and don't be afraid to use makeup to cover scars on the day of.

3. get a manicure and pedicure the day before your session and clean your ring the day of the session.
this is an obvious one. your ring and hands will be photographed, so be sure to put them in the best light. I bought this bad boy on amazon for $30 and clean my ring with it frequently, it is awesome!

4. consider doing your hair/makeup trials the day of your shoot so you can kill two birds with one stone. 
I did not do this because I'm doing an updo for the day of and wanted my hair down for the engagement photos. if you want the same hairstyle, I highly recommend this option.

5. have a drink before it's go time!
the day is finally here, you've planned and prepared and you're ready to go. why are you still nervous? take a deep breath, open a bottle of wine, and toast to each other. it's just a photo session and you will do great! be yourself and have fun.

do you have any other tips I missed?


  1. I've never been engaged, so I love the tips!! Trap Pop got a new vehicle fyi. ;)

  2. Good tips, girl! As a photographer I always want my clients to be as much at ease as possible and feeling confident about how they look goes a long way. :)

    1. you should definitely do a post on your tips, from your perspective. I'd love that!