Sunday, June 12, 2016

weekly reading, volume 9

happy weekend, everyone! I really love writing these weekly reading posts, mostly because it's like a personal stream of consciousness life update and spur of the moment writing. it's been a couple weeks since I've been able to write one, mostly due to home buying and moving. but this week, I'm sneaking one in!

I was finally able to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and sisters and.... I said yes to the dress! my sisters gave me this super sweet engagement basket, which I love. can't wait to use the hanger in our new closet. ok back to the dress, I'm so excited about the dress because it's perfect for a coastal wedding, light and airy. and that's all I'll say ;) 

I found my dress at atlanta bridal couture in alpharetta, it's an adorable little shop but I will say they did not make it much of a celebration once we purchased. if you are expecting champagne or at least an "I said yes to the dress" sign, you will be sad to know that none of that happened. but I did find an amazing dress, so it's all good. I looked at two different shops and tried on maybe ten dresses before I found the one.

stephen and I also attended a wedding last weekend and it turned out to be so much fun, even though I really didn't know that many people there. we danced and drank so much that I didn't even remember that we took a few photos. a couple days later, stephen sent me this one and I honestly had no recollection of taking it. a definite sign of a fun night!

the wedding reception was hosted at a local brewery near our apartment so we also pretended like it was our neighborhood going away party since this is likely the last time we will visit the brewery for a while. this is my last blog post from the apartment... next time you hear from me, it will be from the chaos of our messy new townhome. cheers to the rest of the weekend!

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