Monday, June 20, 2016

ten things to do in charleston

every year, my college friends and I try to do an annual girls trip. we started with napa valley for spring break (which is a whole other topic in itself) and we've done san antonio, new york city, key west, and nashville. not everyone can come every year, but this year, we were pretty close to full attendance. we decided on charleston earlier this year, with all of them making the flight from texas and me driving five hours from georgia. to say I was excited to experience charleston would be a vast understatement.

luckily, I have some amazing friends who like to plan. I am typically a planner, but usually my role is to find the accommodations and organize payment. I found a cute, two bedroom on VRBO very close to king street. a couple of my friends made reservations for meals and excursions, it's great to have friends who do research and take initiative. we had a blast during our long weekend in charleston, here's my top ten list of things you must do in the holy city.

1. downtown carriage ride: I recommend the old south carriage company

2. byob sunset boat cruise with adventure harbor tours

3. rooftop cocktails: try vendue, the watch, or stars on king
these yummy hushpuppies are from the watch. did I take a picture of my food instead of the view? trust me, this was consumed on a rooftop and the view was good but my focus was admittedly on the food.

4. walk along king street for cute shops and fan favorites such as jeni’s ice cream and callie’s hot little biscuit

5. drive out to folly beach for the afternoon

6. tour a historic home, such as the aiken rhett house or the nathanial russell home (below)

7. visit a plantation

8. peruse the charleston city market shops for gifts and high quality souvenirs

9. eat southern favorites: think pimento cheese, shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, biscuits, chicken and waffles. check out hominy grill, low country bistro, magnolia's.

10. drink southern favorites: cool down with a sweet tea or a mint julep

have you been to charleston? what are your favorite southern traditions in this gorgeous city?


  1. Hey Lauren, I love your blog! I am officially following you now via blogger. Your page is great! :)

  2. These are all such great suggestions! It's too funny that your girls trip was to Charleston this year because ours was too! We flew in from Texas and we have a girlfriend that lives in ATL that drove up later on!

    1. that is too crazy! sounds like we had almost the exact same trip!

  3. Ah, I love this! I haven't been to Charleston in such a long time and this post is making me want to go back! :)

    1. it was amazing!!! will definitely have to take another trip here in the future.

  4. I'm missing that chicken and waffle from Low Country Bistro right now.... and your face too. Such a fun trip! Can't wait until the fall (let me know if you need help planning)

    1. thanks girl, can't wait to see you again this fall! :) :)