Friday, June 24, 2016

southern living live in charleston: biscuits and jam

my friends and I booked our trip to charleston at the beginning of the year. months later, while reading my southern living magazine, I stumbled upon southern living’s 50th celebration in charleston. often times, I’ll see fun events going on in cool cities listed in magazines and think that it would be fun to attend. could you believe that the southern living festivities were planned for the exact weekend that we’d booked our trip? I was ecstatic.

southern living had lots of fun outings to choose from that weekend including a series of one-of-a-kind experiences hosted by editors and local personalities. the weekend’s events were curated to feature an inside look into charleston’s culinary taste, grand homes and gardens, eclectic shopping, and vibrant music scene. 

we decided on biscuits & jam with parker millsap and the secret sisters. the evening was filled with local BBQ, local beer, and callie’s hot little biscuits. I overdosed on biscuits, but when you come across pimento cheese topped biscuits, red pepper cheese and chive biscuits, funfetti dessert biscuits,  and blueberry cream dessert biscuits… you don’t say no. I also had my fair share of macaroni and cheese, which in itself, was worth the whole expedition to charleston.

southern porch sittin' at its finest!

erica was not so sure about collard greens...

in typical southern living fashion, everything was gorgeous. and in typical college reunion fashion, we decided to sit on the lawn, while everyone around us was adorably mingling. hey, we didn’t know anyone but ourselves – so we plopped on the ground to enjoy the sounds of parker millsap as the sun went down.

it was a beautiful southern evening in the holy city. the perfect warm up for summer in atlanta, where I look forward to concerts on the lawn and other summer festivities coming soon. happy summer!


  1. I had collard greens the first time a little while ago and I had the same exact reaction! I don't like them very much, haha.

    7% Solution

    1. haha! there are just some things I know I will not like, no need to try - collard greens is one of them!

  2. Hey - there is no shame in sitting on good grass. We started a trend!

  3. That's so awesome that this event was going on when you were visiting! I probably would have overdosed on biscuits as well, and who can say not to mac and cheese!

    1. shockingly I didn't gain any weight on this trip, I am really not sure how!

  4. Oh my gosh, how cool is it that your trip coincided with that event! I love that city so much and I am dying to go back!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style