Friday, June 17, 2016

a humble "before and after"

today's post marks my first official house update! immediately after we closed, we had our wood floors redone because there was some water damage. this meant we couldn't go in the house for 3-4 days or so. talk about an impatient wait. finally when we were able to go in, our first update was to replace the panel curtains that the sellers left.

our home was built in 2014 so there really isn't much updating that needs to happen, in fact this will probably be my only "before and after." when we first saw the house with our realtor, everything looked amazing. once I started looking closer, I honed in on these panel curtains. the circle pattern was totally off, misaligned. I just couldn't handle it. so you're not surprised that the very first night we made moves in our new house, it was to obliterate these curtains!

here's a better shot of the panel curtains "before." these are ikea panel curtains, which require you to measure and cut and do some other minimal assembly. I still can't understand how the circles got so off kilter. and this is why they had to go...

if you've ever spent some time trying to assemble something from ikea, you know to give yourself the better part of a day to get it right. coupled with bouts of frustration and wine, you may just get it done in one day. lucky for us, we were able to sort of copy the existing installation to figure out what we were doing. that still didn't make it easy though. figuring out which panels went on the rod in which order took some time.

the hard work paid off, everything ended up symmetrical, and it's slowly starting to feel like our place! 

on our way back to the apartment, we saw the most amazing rainbow. this rainbow was something out of a video game or virtual reality, so bright and defined. of course, the iphone photo doesn't do it justice - but it was an unbelievable welcome to the neighborhood.


  1. IKEA assembly is an exercise in frustration for me so kudos. They look good!