Monday, May 23, 2016

georgia roadtrip: macon, the heart of georgia

we made the hour and a half trek down to macon last weekend for stephen's state tennis tournament. I am all about making use of down time and exploring so I did a little research on macon before we left, but we hadn't decided on any plans. we had a few extra hours on saturday and luckily the best of both worlds happened for us: stephen's team won their matches that day and we got to check out an antique market, a historic home, and I made a pit stop at a darling shabby chic market. can't ask for more than winning and exploring in the same weekend!

on saturday morning, we embarked for the shops of macon. stephen found it on his phone and I didn't ask questions. well, of course, we ended up at some chain store strip mall. oooops. fortunately, I spotted a sign for an antique mall just up the road so we were able to make a quick change of plans to stop at yesterday's antique market. this mom and pop market makes their own custom tables and after laying eyes on this baby below, we are considering placing an order for our dining room.

next, we stopped at the #1 rated mexican food restaurant in macon, dos amigos. let's just say the food is definitely authentic. the service was nice and the food was good, the ambiance was very unassuming and they served real mexican coke. stephen was happy!

we still had a few hours to kill before stephen's match so we hopped in the car to check out the historic hay home. with absolutely no idea what to expect, I was pleasantly impressed and surprised by this gorgeous home, pictured above. blog post coming soon... here's a sneak peek...

stephen and the team won their matches and we headed to the rookery in downtown macon for dinner. I ordered a blueberry cobbler milkshake (which is not like me) - but it was very good. we walked around the downtown streets of macon before dinner but nothing was open past 6pm. the rookery was packed and did not disappoint, the onion rings were delish!

I hit the road in the morning and made one more fun pit stop at the french market in locust grove, which turned out to be an adorable little local restaurant and market shop. all in all, our trip to macon was a pleasant weekend spent exploring the state of georgia.


  1. Congrats to Stephen and his team! Sounds like you guys had a delightful time!

    1. thanks girl! unfortunately his team lost the final match that weekend, but it was still fun!

  2. This looks adorable! In terms of Georgia, I've only been to Atlanta, but I'd love to do some more exploring. Have you been to Savannah?

    Afloat On A Full Sea

    1. I actually haven't been to savannah, it's definitely on my list though. it's a 5 hour drive, which is the same distance to florida - so we always pick florida ;) I have been to sea island though, and that was beautiful. thanks for stopping by!