Friday, May 6, 2016

engagement: elizabeth and aaron

 last weekend, in between work trips in florida and new jersey - I made a pit stop in good ole dallas, texas to catch up with one of my favorite friends from high school and shoot her engagement photos. elizabeth and I went to undergraduate school together and lived in dallas for a few years afterward. about five years ago, we both decided to leave dallas and go to business school. she at texas tech and me at georgia state, and this is when we sadly split ways in pursuit of onward and upward. I absolutely had a blast shooting these engagement photos and am grateful for a friendship that has lasted over the years and the miles. 

 elizabeth and aaron are both very photogenic and not to mention, the unbelievably gorgeous backdrops of the dallas arboretum made for a secret garden spring vibe that made me ecstatic behind the lens. the colors, the weather, and the dynamic between elizabeth and aaron all came together to create the perfect afternoon.

I also got to try out my new fixed 1.8 aperture lens in the shot below. using a fixed lens means there's no zoom, the photographer must physically move closer to the subject. the low aperture creates the blurry background effect you see below with the pop of color from the flowers (versus very detailed flowers that you would normally see).

I'm a sucker for flowers and botanical gardens in general, so I know I'm biased but I am still swooning over these photos. cheers to elizabeth and aaron, looking forward to your september wedding!


  1. I love my 1.8 prime lenses! I'm glad you are having fun with yours! These pictures are so sweet! :)

    1. now I just need more occasions to take portraits, I love them!!