Wednesday, May 4, 2016

bridesmaid proposals

I was so excited to host a brunch recently to ask my sisters and stephen's sisters to be a part of the big day and I wanted to think of a sweet gift to mark the occasion. I wanted to think of something that the girls would like and would also be a nod to the wedding to come. 

first, I found these gorgeous floral mini champagne labels on etsy from joie labels and had to have them. (the ladies at joie labels were amazing to work with and I highly recommend.) next, I decided on a voluspa candle because they are amazing and I never buy them for myself because they are pricy! this macaron scent is super yummy. I also love the lychee scent, it's so hard to choose. I've been seeing these adorable matchboxes around a lot lately, especially at the cute gift shop at krog street market. I found these white and gold cheers! matchboxes online and picked up the starfish during our easter trip down to the beach. the starfish symbolizes the location of where we are getting married. 

we had such a fun time at brunch, it was really nice to spend time with just the ladies in the family. I love giving gifts and am looking forward to lots more gifting to come!

I searched high and low for the perfect box to put all the gifts in, and I ended up at the container store. these white boxes were exactly what I was looking for, inexpensive and substantial. and I put my hand lettering skills to use to embellish the tags with a gold sharpie.


  1. These little boxes are amazing! I love the macaron container :) Too cute!

    1. thanks! those candles are all too hard to choose between, the macaron is so yummy.