Friday, May 13, 2016

a day at the dallas arboretum

spring is synonymous with brightly colored blooms. it's the time of the year that gardeners wait for year-round. one of the best places to take in the sights of spring is a botanical garden or arboretum. I'm a huge fan of the atlanta botanical garden and was thrilled to check out the dallas arboretum last weekend to shoot some engagement photos.

I went to high school in north dallas and lived in the city after college, but those days, I wasn't exactly hanging out at the gardens on the weekends. I'd been a couple times over the years but was really excited to check it out again as it's been over five years since I moved from dallas. what really struck me about the dallas arboretum was how communal the space was. everywhere I looked, there were people having picnics on the lawns of the garden. nearly half of the people were dressed up for a special occasion. tons of photography sessions were taking place. you could just feel the buzz of spring all around.

you know how some people want to see all the MLB stadiums in the country? well, that's pretty much what I want to do with botanical gardens! who's with me?!

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