Sunday, April 17, 2016

weekly reading, volume 7

well, friends, it was a long week! over the past seven days, we have looked at six different houses. this has been a bit of a struggle for me because I'm not very patient and I like to get things done. going to look at a home on my lunch break to find out that what they've listed as a third bedroom actually has no door, is not a fun experience. especially since the lack of patience leads to anxiety, the I-have-to-have-it-now feeling that then ends in a letdown. to make matters worse, the few homes that we've seen online that look like a perfect fit have sold in less than a day. which I still can't wrap my head around. I get it, this is home buying. the saga continues...

meanwhile, it's been crazy at work while we are in the homestretch of a five month training project that is about to launch. we incorporated virtual reality into this project and I got the first draft last week, which was fun and exciting to experience! if you haven't heard of google cardboard, check it out.

this past week, stephen and I frantically registered at our first place since we heard that people were already looking to get us gifts. we didn't really have time to plan ahead since we hit up crate and barrel on a monday night after work and my yoga class. stephen suggested we have a few drinks prior to registering and I was happy to comply. my favorite item on the registry? this sweet bedside carafe which I have been wanting for ages for a guest room. 

I'm trying to soak in these april weekends because may is coming in with a whirlwind of plans. stephen has an out of town tennis tournament, we have a wedding in alabama, a graduation, mother's day... not to mention I have travel plans taking me to texas, florida, and new jersey. then we wrap it up with another trip for memorial day. is may crazy busy for you too? I think it's totally a may thing. have a relaxing rest of your weekend! xx

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