Tuesday, April 26, 2016

our engagement party

time flies! we've been engaged now for about six weeks and we have made so much progress in wedding planning. it's coming along nicely, and we've booked all the major pieces already. no stress here, at least not on the wedding planning front. don't worry, there's lots of stress in other parts of our lives like oh you know, home buying and work.

this past weekend, stephen's mom hosted an engagement party for us to celebrate the happy occasion with family and friends. it was a beautiful night and the party was perfect! there was so much food, including my favorite macaroni and cheese, and an amazing cake. we only invited our local friends and family, so as not to pressure people to travel but a few of stephen's long distance relatives made the trip which was so nice. stephen and I practiced cutting the cake, and it's a good thing because stephen fed himself instead of me.

sister candids start now...

stephen's mom left no detail unplanned, even down to the bridal wreath on the door, which I loved.

even though we of course, did not expect gifts, we did receive quite a few which was so thoughtful. my sister and her boyfriend had an auburn + texas a&m house divided wreath for us made! I can't wait for football season. oh, and our wedding! :)


  1. lol that he fed himself instead of you! we didn't do a cake or cake cutting for that reason. we did cupcakes. but i'm glad it hasn't been stressful for you in the wedding area at least :)

  2. it looks like a lovely time!! everything turned out so well!!