Tuesday, April 12, 2016

my first pure barre class

you may know that my sister opened a pure barre studio at the end of last year. I helped a little bit before it opened and also played party planner with my sister for the grand opening party. however, I still hadn't taken a class many months later. this past weekend, a few of us girls threw on our yoga pants, hopped in the car, and drove down to kennesaw to take our inaugural class. 

my sister gave me a pure barre bride-to-be tank a few weeks ago, which was perfect for my first class! other than attire, I had zero preconceived notions of what to expect. I was happily surprised and blown away by how much I enjoyed the class!

my sister started by giving us a pre-lesson about tucking. although I do hot yoga and my two friends do core power, cycling, orange theory, etc... none of us knew how to tuck. that was a funny experience in itself. I definitely need more practice with tucking.

we donned sticky barre socks, grabbed our weights, resistance bands and red balls and hit the floor. class began with a rigorous warm-up on the floor and then we moved from the barre back to the floor a couple of times, ensuring we worked both sides of the body on all exercises.

I have to tell you that this 55 minute class flew by. sometimes in yoga class, I find myself asking "how much longer?" or "are we there yet?" I didn't ask myself that once in this class. the upbeat music and small repetitive motions keep the pace up and the movements are constantly changing.

I could totally take a 55 minute pure barre class during lunch and come back to the office. while I did sweat minimally, it was not a noticeable amount. I could easily freshen up in 5 minutes and head back to the office. pure barre would just fit in my life without inconveniences or schedule adjusting, which is hard to say about other workout programs.

all in all, I can already feel the burn and was so impressed with how much I enjoyed this class. if you've been wanting to try pure barre, you HAVE to try it!


  1. How cool that your sister just opened up her own pure barre class! I've always wanted to try it, but I'm such a wimp about working out. You're inspiring me though!

    Chow Down USA

  2. this is so awesome! i haven't done a pure barre class, but i've done a barre class at my gym. it was only 45 minutes, i think, and it was SO hard. but i don't remember learning about tucking. and omg i sweat so much there is no way i could go anywhere but straight home and to the shower lol.