Monday, April 18, 2016

meatless monday: my sister's slightly sinful fettuccine alfredo

sometimes you just need a comfort meal. you deserve it. 

stephen and I went on our first trip to look at houses with our realtor recently. we found a house that we loved online and long story short, it was a wreck inside once we were able to see it in person. not to mention, it was buzzing with other potential buyers when we arrived which also annoyed me. I think we could've put $100K into renovations on this house and ended up with an amazing home but it was just discouraging and too extensive. we were okay with the prospect of renovating the bathrooms and redoing the landscaping but when the already renovated kitchen needed additional renovating, I mentally threw in the towel.

we returned to the city a bit jaded and drained. even though it doesn't sound that traumatic as I type this, the whole experience just had me questioning what we're looking for in a home. perhaps a townhome closer to the city would be better? maybe I don't want to do any renovating? maybe I want to do a ton of renovations? will we still see our friends? why do popcorn ceilings still exist? maybe our apartment isn't so bad? HAHA.

days like this call for fettuccine alfredo, oh, and a considerable amount of wine. this recipe is adapted from an extremely bad-for-you version with more butter, more cream, and more cheese. trust me, you won't miss it since this version is just as unbelievably good.



-half a box of linguini, or comparable noodle
-1.5 sticks of butter
-1/2 pint of heavy whipping cream
-dash of garlic powder
-1/2 c. grated parmesan cheese
-1/2 c. grated romano cheese
-sliced mushrooms, optional


1. first things first, if you're adding mushrooms to your fettuccine, saute them in a saucepan over warm heat.

2. bring a pot of water to boil, cook noodles for 8 minutes. remove and drain once cooked.

3. meanwhile, drain mushrooms and set aside. dump any remaining liquids from the pan so that the saucepan can be used to make the sauce.

4. over warm heat, pour the cream into the pan. melt the butter into the cream.

5. once melted, add garlic powder, parmesan, and romano cheeses and stir to melt.

6. finally, add mushrooms and toss in the cooked noodles. serve immediately.


  1. oh no--how frustrating!! good luck with the house hunting. i am making that this week, oddly enough. looks yummy--hoping mine will turn out the same way!

    1. too funny! great minds. there's nothing quite like a rich, buttery alfredo sauce. enjoy!

  2. Girl sometimes you also eat cake for breakfast :) Great recipe!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    1. my mother always used to say that pancakes have the same ingredients as cake, which makes cake for breakfast totally acceptable. no objections here!

  3. Aw, that sounds like such a bummer about the house! If it's that much work it's probably not really worth it though, right? I'm sure you'll find a great one soon! And at least you got a delish comfort meal out of it :)

    Chow Down USA

    1. so true. I guess it's not so bad to start with something terrible in order to appreciate the end result! and yes, this meal eased my sorrows :)

  4. this looks amazing. fettuccine alfredo is my favourite go-to 'bad' meal. i do try and not have it at home because it's a treat, and KC hates creamy sauces (weirdo) but i have never tried a 'healthier' version.
    sorry about the house :( we found a perfect house when we were looking and it would have been way too much to renovate and all the jazz, i was bummed but glad we didn't waste our time and money.

    1. welllll I wouldnt exactly call this 'healthier' - maybe just not as bad as going out to eat! yea, I've decided renovations are not for me, at least not in this stage of life. too crazy!