Tuesday, April 5, 2016

house hunting: advice?

in a few days, stephen and I are meeting with a realtor to kick off the process of house hunting! this will be our first home together, but also the first property that either of us has ever purchased. I really like our realtor, I found her by chance but after we started texting back and forth about a specific property (rather than trying to fit phone calls into busy work days), I knew she was the one.

for our first meeting, we're drafting a house wish list. basically a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. I can't wait to look back at this list and see how we stack up in the end since I'm positive we won't end up with everything we want. wishful thinking!

1. hard wood living room
2. formal dining room (wainscoting a plus)
3. 3+ bedrooms and 2.5+ bathrooms
4. office space
5. green space for walks/runs in the neighborhood (nearby park a plus)
6. good school district
7. well landscaped yard with grass and trees
8. close to a few decent restaurants
9. close to the highway for commute purposes
9. swim and tennis community

1. gated community
2. outdoor entertaining space (deck, covered patio, etc)

OK, seriously looking for advice here...
do you own a home, am I missing anything? have any home buying advice for us? we're all ears!

PS. aren't these homes beautiful? more gorgeous coastal homes coming to the blog next week.


  1. We are actually coming up on the 6 year anniversary of buying our first (and only) home! I wanted big windows with lots of light, wood floors, a garage, and a big backyard for pets. Oh, and we wanted it to be a fixer upper so we could add our own touch to it. And that was about it. We looked for about a year before we found the house we're in because we were looking for a GREAT deal and weren't in any hurry. Now, after having lived in this house I realize how lucky we were to have chosen it. The location is awesome. We're tucked away in a cove, but we're also less than 3 minutes from the interstate. We have awesome food close by and we're 15 minutes away from most every part of Memphis. Best of luck on your search!

    1. wow, girl! it does sound like you found a gem. cheers to six years and hopefully we're as lucky as you two :)

  2. Brandon and I bought our house in the summer so we didn't realize how much the nearby elementary school would impact pulling out of our driveway during drop off times. I would check to see how close the school is so you won't have to wait 5 minutes to pull out of your driveway and another 10 to get out of the neighborhood. It is SO minor but now we know what to expect. We also factored in that the sellers lived in the house since 1993 so they were happy/comfortable with the neighborhood which means a lot in H-Town. We looked online for MONTHS but only looked at 3 houses in person and I knew the third one was "the one". The process is fun and exciting! I can't wait to see which house you decide on.

    1. oh yes, school traffic is the worst. it's spring break in atlanta this week and the commute times have been beautiful. good point about the previous owner's time in the home. I hope I find "the one" as efficiently as you did!

  3. good luck! honestly, we are in our first house and we focused on certain things i wouldn't focus on again. next time i will focus on things you can't change - location, the gated community, close to a park and good school district etc. you can change the floors and update the landscaping, but the other things you can't change!