Friday, April 22, 2016

fashion friday: the little white dress

this is a somewhat embarrassing confession: I have been shopping for the perfect white dress for our engagement party for over a month. I started with plenty of time so I ordered from but things started to get real when none of my options were working out and the clock was ticking. one dress was adorable, but too frilly. I'm keeping it for a shower somewhere down the line. the next option was way too expensive (but I did it anyway) and it fit terribly... somewhere between a mexican fiesta meets bridal marshmellow.

white dresses show a myriad of potential concerns: wrinkled fabric, food/drink mishaps, colored undergarments, and more. it goes without saying to make sure you've got the right foundations going on underneath. check out if you don't know what I'm referring to. even though I'd pick black over white for apparel eight days a week, let's just say I now have a lot of experience in of-the-moment white dresses. here are my top picks, by sleeve length, starting with long sleeves, to short sleeves, and tank style. 


  1. ooh what a hard decision!! idk what i'd pick either!! all are cute options. good luck :)

  2. lol @ bridal marshmellow. good luck finding the perfect one. i got mine from rent the runway and it wasn't amazing but oh well. it did the job.

    1. I still haven't tried rent the runway!