Monday, March 7, 2016

top 5 croatian souvenirs

one of my favorite things about traveling is bringing back souvenirs and gifts for others. in fact, my top 10 parisian souvenirs and top 10 cuban souvenirs are two of my most popular blog posts ever - no doubt, due to pinterest. people like to buy things and I'm here to help! croatia was no different, although I was really pressed for time since this was a work trip. I did some research ahead of my trip which definitely helped make the best use of my minimal shopping time.

the croatian currency is kuna and to keep it simple, I divided all the prices by 7 for usd. souvenirs were relatively cheap and I came back with just the right amount of treats!

clockwise from left to right
sugared orange peels
croatian architecture and history coffee table book
licitar hearts
maraschino liquor
croatian wine

1. sugared orange peels
a unique treat you can eat by itself or use as garnish. I love an old fashioned, the whiskey cocktail, that is typically garnished with an orange twist. these would make a brilliant garnish on a rim with a cherry. alternatively, these would make a gorgeous accent for baked goods. I'm thinking cakes, cookies, and more. I have a feeling I'll be using these come easter holiday.

2. coffee table book
I love coffee table books and after visiting dubrovnik, I am so intrigued with its history. although I didn't buy a book during my visit, I'm picking this one up on amazon.

3. licitar hearts 
without a doubt, this is the most recognized croatian souvenir. licitar hearts date back to the 16th century and were once a more prized gift than a bouquet of roses. the original licitar heart took more than a month to make. I am quite obsessed with these unique beauties and I even used them as a part of my valentine's day decor. I can't wait to put these on my christmas tree every year.

4. maraschino liquor
this was a souvenir that I bought without a plan. I knew it was a croatian specialty and figured I would find a use once I made it back home - which of course, was easy. I'll be whipping up a manhattan in no time, along with plenty of other cocktails.

5. croatian wine
I had no clue that croatian wine was so good. my hotel bar sold bottles of wine for $10 and they were absolutely drinkable and smooth. I ended up accidentally buying a few bottles that were way pricier but I know they will be fantastic given how good the $10 bottles were. let's just say I am now keeping a eye out for croatian wine on the american wine lists. very impressive.

another well known croatian souvenir is the men's necktie which would make a great gift for the man in your life. stephen has more than enough ties so I skipped this gift but the ties were beautifully made. alright - I'm off to make a maraschino cocktail. cheers! thanks for reading.


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    1. I love them! I put them out for valentine's and can't wait to put them on my christmas tree.

  2. I love orange peels!!! Thanks for leaving your info in my about page :) I'll be back for sure!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  3. This is such a fun post! I've never heard of those hearts before but now it's on my list to try one! My bf has family in Croatia so we really want to visit!

    Chow Down USA

    1. you have to go, so beautiful! maybe this summer?! :)