Wednesday, March 30, 2016

how to make a punch bowl ice ring

a few weekends ago we threw a party to celebrate the addition of three letters to the end of stephen's name: CPA. I served beer and wine and my legendary sangria. initially, I had planned to put the sangria in one of those cute drink dispensers but my mom warned that all the fruit in the sangria would jam the spout of the dispenser. my mom suggested serving the sangria in a punch bowl instead, with a ladle so that people could also scoop out fruit into their cup.

given that our party was an all-day affair, I planned to try out a punch bowl ice ring for the first time. I didn't want regular ice to melt the sangria down and I've always wanted to try an ice ring. making an ice ring requires minimal effort for maximum results - all you need is a bundt pan and your choice of fruit, and a couple of hours to make it all come to together in the freezer.

because my sangria recipe calls for loads of oranges, lemons, limes, and maraschino cherries - naturally, these are the fruits I selected for the ice ring. you can have so much fun here though, I've seen such pretty ice rings using mint leaves and pomegranate seeds.


sliced fruits (or flowers) of your choice
bundt pan
running water


1. fill your bundt pan about an inch full with water. allow this first layer to freeze for an hour or so. make sure the pan is level in your freezer.

2. wash and slice all your fruit. you may need to half some of the fruit slices depending on size, these orange rounds were too large for my pan so I sliced them in half with no issues.

3. gently add about a quarter of an inch of water (or less) to your frozen layer in the bundt pan. decoratively arrange your fruit slices on top. if your first layer isn't completely frozen yet, don't add more water - just arrange on top if it's stable enough. (be careful not to add too much water here, you don't want your fruit floating, and you want your pattern to stay in place. it's okay if water doesn't completely cover the tops of the fruit.)

4. place the pan in the freezer again for an hour or so. this small layer of water will anchor the fruit in place while freezing.

5. pull your pan out of the freezer and add a few more inches of water. freeze again.

6. when you're ready to serve, turn your pan upside down and run hot water over the top until the ring pops out. add it to your punch and voila!


  1. I'm going to have to make this for my birthday brunch next weekend! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. happy birthday girl! can't wait to see the festivities ;)

  2. thanks...nice blog and great step by step photos...I'm trying this for my son's wedding shower punch bowl <3

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