Friday, March 4, 2016

hand-lettering class with all she wrote notes

a few months ago, I saw swoozies post on instagram about a hand-lettering class hosted by all she wrote notes. I had a legitimate FOMO-induced moment. I needed to take hand-lettering classes too! but how, when, where? as with most of my other 'initiatives', I wanted to take action immediately! so you can imagine how lucky I felt when weeks later, I saw another post on an upcoming class again at swoozie's buckhead! I signed up on the spot.

first of all, maghon (below) is the entrepreneur behind all she wrote notes and she is just adorable. maghon is full of life and so passionate. you know when you're listening to a speaker and obviously feel a connection because you're nodding, smiling, laughing in reaction like a dope and the person next to you isn't. that was totally me. HAHA I didn't care. maghon is full of light with a visible aura. love it.

with signature southern hospitality, swoozies had lite bites and champagne to welcome us. maghon started our class with a brief background on herself and how all she wrote notes was born. then we dove into the lowercase alphabet, letter by letter. maghon has tons of catchy phrases that help you remember how to perfect your fa-lligraphy (faux + calligraphy) such as "when in doubt, fluff it out" and #calligraphyyall. fluffing it out means to widen your stroke on letters that are typically thin - such as a lower case f. widening the letter gives you space to go back and thicken it up.

I typically never doodle - the day after this class, I found myself doodling all over the place. I wrote my friends' names, monograms, addresses, seasonal words such as 'boo' and 'falalalala.' I've totally caught the hand-lettering fever. I even made a trip to walgreen's to pick up the pens that maghon recommended.

make sure to follow @swoozies and @allshewrotenotes to see upcoming classes (did I mention this class was free?!). I highly recommend any classes by maghon, obviously - check her website for more information. I also realized I haven't been to swoozies nearly enough lately! such cute spring things.

thanks again to swoozies and all she wrote notes for a fabulously fun evening expanding my skills and trying something new. isn't that what life is all about?! off to go do some calligraphy, y'all!

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